June ‘Listen to the World open mic night’

18:30 - 20:30
Jun 7th 2022

Join us for this special evening of live music with the stunning Afghan performer Elaha Soroor as we mark Refugee Week for this month's Listen to the World Open Mic. The theme of the evening is 'Healing'. The floor will also be open for open mic spots. Free tickets for refugees and asylum seekers. We look foward to welcoming you!

For more information contact Jo Winsloe Slater on jo.winsloe@stethelburgas.org
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For those with limited income.


For Refugees and Asylum Seekers

‘Listen to the World’ open mic nights are a place of live music where the traditions and talents of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers find a home among local artists.  Come and join us, as either a listener or performer, everyone is welcome; British locals, as well as those who have settled here more recently.

‘Listen to the World’ Open Mic night is a live show where anyone in the audience, professional or first-timer can come and sing or play an instrument. (see more below).  

Please note that the audience for this event is for men and women.

What people have said:

‘So moving to be connected to people from all over the world through music.’

‘Hearing such a varied and rich musical line up felt like an opportunity and a balm – especially in these times’

‘What an absolutely beautiful evening. I had a number of wonderful conversations. Precious times. I really loved it all, and such a quality of work.’

Listen to the World open mic – Featured Artist for Refugee Week

Sounds of Afghanistan

Elaha Soroor is an award winning singer/ songwriter and composer based in London, originally from Afghanistan. Her works embody the complexities and nuances of society across continents, engaging and challenging audiences not only musically, but intellectually. She currently performs alongside award-winning collective band Kefaya. Elaha started her musical experience as a devotional singer in a female music group in Iran, where she first learned about middle eastern traditional music. Following that experience, she began to study Afghan traditional music in Kabul, Afghanistan.

During this period she was part of the Afghanistan National Orchestra during 2006-2008, as well as a singer in the Aryan band (Kabul, Afghanistan), playing in various concerts in major cities in Afghanistan. Elaha was one of the first female musicians to perform in public after the fall of Taliban. Her early releases were influenced by Afghan and Iranian 60s and 70s pop music. She released 6 original single songs in Afghanistan, all of which were broadcast popularly in Afghan radio and TV stations.

Elaha first rose to fame through the TV show Afghan Star in 2008. This popularity, in a society known for its persecution of female performers combined with outspoken views on women’s rights, led to an environment of serious personal danger, and she was eventually forced to flee Afghanistan. Elaha studied Indian classical, opera singing technique while in India 2010-2011 and has since then performed worldwide for various audiences at festivals and celebrated venues. Elaha has led several music workshops for women, children and refugees in collaboration with Afghan and Central Asian Association UK & Dash Arts UK. Elaha has also worked as a composer and performer for theatre, dance and film projects including:

  • Wales Millenium Center’s The Boy With Two Hearts (2021) | Co-Composer & Performer
  • Agudo Dance Company (Silk Road) – Singer | English National Ballet (Giselle)- Singer |
  • Dance and music of Afghanistan (Rana Gorgani)- Singer | The Breadwinner Film OST
  • (Singer) | JustLike My Son Film OST (Singer).

Her latest release “Songs Of Our Mothers” is a collaborative album with the award winning collective band Kefaya, released on (Bella Union) November 2019. The album is a collection of folk songs by Afghan women that have been passed down from mothers to daughters. An organic blend meeting of traditional and contemporary sounds, the album is a bold protest against patriarchy and a joyous statement of resilience and emancipation. Elaha Soroor won Songline Magazine’s Newcomer award 2020 and Songs Of Our Mothers won the best album of 2020 Songline Magazine and received worldwide attention.

What happens at an open mic event?

Alongside featured artists, members of the audience can sign up to perform too.  You can respond to the theme of  displacement, home or belonging  or with whatever is on your heart.  This is a fun, relaxing evening where anyone; professional or first-timer, can perform to an appreciative audience. Or you can simply come and listen.  You sign up for an Open Mic slot when you book (online or in-person).  There are 4-5 slots and each slot is for 3-5mins.

Co-ordinator: For all questions about the Open Mic event or to be added to the mailing list, please contact Jo Winsloe Slater at  jo.winsloe@stethelburgas.org.

Featured Photo: Elaha Soroor

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18:30 - 20:30
Jun 7th 2022