February ‘Listen to the World open mic night’

18:30 - 20:00
Feb 1st 2022

Join us for an evening of live music where themes of home, belonging and community meet through the musical talents of migrants, refugees and local artists. Come and listen, or perform in an open mic spot. Our community is relaxed and informal. This is a hybrid event - book online or in-person tickets.

For more information contact Jo Winsloe Slater on jowinsloe@stethelburgas.org
At St Ethelburga's - Standard

Online - Zoom


Tickets for refugees and asylum seekers and those with no income.


‘Listen to the World’ open mic nights are a place of live music where the traditions and talents of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers find a home among local artists.  Come and join us, as either a listener or performer, everyone is welcome; British locals, as well as those who have settled here more recently.  

‘Listen to the World’ Open Mic night is a live hybrid show where anyone in the audience, professional or first-timer can come and sing or play an instrument, online or in person (see more below).  

What people have said: ‘Absolutely fantastic! Thank you.’   ‘This is stunning!!  Loving it.’

Tickets: For refugees and asylum seekers tickets are free – please let us know you are coming – jo.winsloe@stethelburgas.org

Live music at Listen to the World open mic – More on featured artists coming soon!

Ibrahim Fanous (online)

Ibrahim is a gifted vocalist and kerar player, composer and music producer based in London.  Born in Kassala, a state in eastern Sudan, Ibrahim began his vocal training at a young age in three different languages – Arabic, Tigrinya and Amharic.  After successfully recording with the music ensemble, AfriCairo in Egypt, Ibrahim joined and performed with the acclaimed Nile Project in 2017, touring north Africa, US, Europe and the UK, including at the Barbican, London.  In 2020 we were delighted to welcome Ibrahim as a performer ‘in residence’ for St Ethelburga’s music and poetry open mic programme, Presence, and then for Listen to the World Open Mic where he has written and performed songs to mark Refugee Week and a unique commission to mark the life of St Ethelburga. YouTube: Ibrahim Fanous

What happens at an open mic event?

Alongside featured artists, members of the audience can sign up to perform too.  You can respond to the theme of  displacement, home or belonging  or with whatever is on your heart.  This is a fun, relaxing evening where anyone; professional or first-timer, can perform to an appreciative audience. Or you can simply come and listen.  You sign up for an Open Mic slot when you book (online or in-person).  There are 4-5 slots and each slot is for 3-5mins.

Hybrid event – how to attend

You can attend Listen to the World open mic online, or in person at St Ethelburga’s.  Both featured artists will be performing from St Ethelburga’s, broadcasting live to guests online as well as to an in-person audience.

Attending on zoom, you will need:

If you are attending in person, we now have no restrictions on numbers and wearing a mask is a personal choice.

  • Please contact jo.winsloe@stethelburgas.org if you have any questions about attending in person.

Co-ordinator: For all questions about the Open Mic event or to be added to the mailing list, please contact Jo Winsloe Slater at  jo.winsloe@stethelburgas.org.

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18:30 - 20:00
Feb 1st 2022