Coaching prevents tensions and differences from escalating and empowers individuals to understand and resolve conflict effectively. It is a highly useful addition to your professional toolkit. We use a dynamic approach in structured stages, based partly on Jones and Brinkert’s Comprehensive Conflict Coaching model, augmented with skills, practices and perspectives informed by our own work with difference and disagreement. This dynamic approach teaches a structured seven stage model which includes: coaching; conflict stories; analysing identity, power, emotion and opportunity in conflicts; goal-setting; personal conflict styles; conflict response skills; finishing with practical exercises and feedback.

Workshops cover:

  • Principles of coaching; preparation, contracting;
  • Working with the conflict story;
  • Analysing conflict through the lenses of identity, power and emotion;
  • Setting goals and defining the ideal outcome;
  • Understanding personal conflict styles;
  • Improving a range of conflict response skills (including effective communication, anger management, disagreement success, and role play);
  • Practice with observation and feedback.

One-to-one support

We can also provide confidential one-to-one support for individuals experiencing conflict in the workplace or personal lives. This can include exploring causes of conflict, looking at past patterns, improving communication skills, expanding our range of responses and developing practical strategies for change.


If you are interested to book this workshop please email training@stethelburgas.org