2017 Training Workshops

St Ethelburga’s offers high quality training in conflict transformation, dialogue facilitation and tools for collaboration.  We currently have the following one-day training workshops scheduled for 2017:

Communication and Facilitation

Beyond Collaboration: Co-creative facilitation for social change

Leadership Development for Social Change

Standing Strong: Living with faith and resilience in a post-truth landscape

Lighting the Darkness: The collective and personal shadow and its role in systemic change

Spiritual Ecology: New principles for addressing the ecological crisis

Transforming conflict: Balancing inner work and skills development for effectively engaging others


Storytelling, Narrative and Peacebuilding

Sharing our stories: Narrative approaches to building community and peace

Crafting powerful stories: Storytelling for communicating with impact

  • To be announced.

“The tasks made me reflect and learn. The information pack provided opportunities for extra reading and research and for us to develop our skills further. The facilitators were really good – very warm, friendly and respectful”

Nine Month Programme

From our extensive experience working with diverse groups, we developed a unique approach to peace that recognises:

  • our fundamental interrelatedness to each other and to the earth
  • the need to welcome the challenges and opportunities of diversity
  • conflict as a means to grow and change
  • collaboration and co-creation as necessary to integrate our differences for the common good
  • the systemic nature of rising global crises
  • the inner dimension of change making

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“The facilitators were brilliant – patient, flexible, open to suggestions and alternatives, confident and knowledgeable”.


“Brilliant facilitation. Very open, accommodating and inclusive”.