2017 Training Workshops

St Ethelburga’s offers high quality training in conflict transformation, dialogue facilitation and tools for collaboration.  We currently have the following one-day training workshops scheduled for 2017:

Communication and Facilitation

Beyond Collaboration: Co-creative facilitation for social change

Leadership Development for Social Change

Standing Strong: Living with faith and resilience in a post-truth landscape

Lighting the Darkness: The collective and personal shadow and its role in systemic change

Spiritual Ecology: New principles for addressing the ecological crisis

Transforming conflict: Balancing inner work and skills development for effectively engaging others

Sacred Activism: Faith-based changemaking without burning out


Storytelling, Narrative and Peacebuilding

Sharing our stories: Narrative approaches to building community and peace

Crafting powerful stories: Storytelling for communicating with impact

  • To be announced.

“This training was absolutely paradigm shifting for me. I joined the session with a sense that I had very little by way of live conflict to think about in my life. I came away realising that, below the surface, there were at least two or three live conflicts that were significantly impacting my ability to experience joy in both my personal and professional life. …This session started me on a learning trajectory that went on long after the session ended. One that I believe has ultimately equipped me with the skills to be a better manager, a better HR professional, a better facilitator, a better friend and a better partner.  I’m able to show up more for people, and resist my life-long urge to run away or defer to others when caught in the heat of conflict. When the stakes are high, I now actively seek ways to be more present, curious and empathetic; to find a “win-win”, without feeling I am compromising my own needs in the process. Still learning but delighted this amazingly facilitated session was able to open my eyes.”

Tamanda Walker, HR Consultant

“The facilitators were brilliant – patient, flexible, open to suggestions and alternatives, confident and knowledgeable”.


“Brilliant facilitation. Very open, accommodating and inclusive”.