Awale Jant Band at ‘Listen to the World’

18:30 - 20:30
Oct 4th 2022

Join us for an evening of live music with the London-based band Awale Jant, featuring vocalist Biram Seck, guitarist Thibaut Remy, sabar percussionist Kaw Secka and bass player Mike Idowu. This is an in-person event. Free tickets for refugees and asylum seekers.

For more information contact Jo Winsloe Slater on jowinsloe@stethelburgas.org
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‘A truly magical and uplifting cross-cultural collaboration, bringing together Afro-latin, funk and soul elements with a Senegalese twist. The wonderful voice of Biram Seck and Thibaut Remy’s compositions make for an unmissable combo. Must See!’ – Tim Garcia (Jazz FM/Musica Macondo)

Biram Seck

Biram is a Senegalese singer, songwriter and musician, known for his unique rich husky tone voice. He was inspired by the music of Bob Marley (pioneer of reggae music) and pop singer, Youssuf N’dour (former Minister of Tourism of Senegal April 2012 – September 2013 who is one of the most famous singers in that country). As a result Biram’s music is a blend of Afro reggae pop embedding jazz on occasions. His songs promote messages of education, peace, unity and civilisation in a way that broaden minds to build an integrated world, a world of peace.



Biram engages his audience with his unique voice which is even more intimate when he accompanies himself skilfully on the string guitar. Currently he is the soloist for the Awale Jant Band with popular songs such as Yewoulen (Wake Up in English) and Domi Adama (most loved song of the listening audience) etc. Biram is featured in many articles across the internet, including the BBC, and plans to officially release his non-published songs by next year. Learn more about Biram from his website https://biramseck.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BiramSeckMusicianBand


Thibaut Remy is a French guitarist and producer based in London. He has toured with Peruvian Chicha band Los Chinches, as well as Ghanean Afro funk bands, Yaaba Funk and Afrik Bawantu. He has recorded for projects such as Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura, Komuso Roots, Maia and the Big Sky, and jazz trumpeter Nick Walters. He composes music and is the co-founder of Awale Jant Band, a Senegalese afro jazz band. He has composed the single “Calling England Home “ on Trinidadian poet Anthony Joseph’s 2021 release. With acclaimed musician and producer Nick “Dubulah” Page, he co-produced Awale’s 2012 debut album “Just Have To Grow”. Recent production work includes The Turbans self-titled release in 2018, and upcoming release by Somali artist Aar Maanta. He currently tours with Aar Maanta, Anthony Joseph and Awale Jant Band. Main interests include blues, afrobeat, jazz, balkan, latin and generally uplifting music, as well as creative production techniques such as dub.



Mike Idowu
Kaw Secka

Biram Seck and Thibaut Remy will be joined by Sabar percussionist, Kaw Secka from the Gambia and bass player Mike Idowu from Nigeria.









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‘Listen to the World’ is a place of live music where the traditions and talents of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers find a home among local artists.  Come and join us, as either a listener or performer, everyone is welcome. Take a look at a showreel of previous events: Listen to the World Open Mic – Showreel 2021 – YouTube

This event is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Arts Council: