St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace is consecrated for Christian worship and we hold a monthly service of Holy Communion. The service is open to all.  People of all Christian denominations are welcome to join us, and people of all faiths and beliefs are also welcome.  Those who do not wish to take communion are welcome to attend and to receive a blessing instead if they wish.  We use a traditional liturgy and the service includes readings and an address from our Chaplains.

Rev. Dave Tomlinson
Dave Tomlinson founded the legendary Holy Joe’s, a church in a pub in Clapham for disaffected church dropouts. He was for nearly 20 years the Vicar of St Luke’s, Holloway, a thriving parish church in North London. He is also the author of The Post-Evangelical: I Shall Not Want, Re-enchanting Christianity, and more recently How to Be a Bad Christian, and Black Sheep and Prodigals.   


Rt. Rev. Dr Trevor Musonda Selwyn Mwamba

Dr Musonda is Rector of Barking, Vicar of St Margaret’s, and Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Chelmsford. He was formerly the Bishop of Botswana. 

“Dialogue is an attitude of love, that is the Christian way”


Rev. Peter Owen Jones

Rev. Jones is the Vicar of Firle, Glynde and Beddingham, he is also a broadcaster. 

“Honouring a priests’ role in terms of humility and in embodying love.” 




St Ethelburga’s prayer for an end to violence

God of life,

Every act of violence in our world, between myself and another, destroys a part of your creation.

Stir in my heart a renewed sense of reverence for all life.

Give me the vision to recognise your spirit in every human being, however they behave towards me.

Make possible the impossible by cultivating in me the fertile seed of healing love.

May I play my part in breaking the cycle of violence by realising that peace begins with me.