Stories have always existed – to entertain, teach, pass on wisdom, record history, represent beliefs, explore new ideas, share experiences, build community, and express creativity. The word, story, is derived from the Greek word meaning knowing, knowledge and wisdom. Human beings seem to have a natural tendency to think, speak, be receptive to, and process our experiences in story. The appeal of storytelling is the appeal of the imagination. When we listen to story it gives us the opportunity to create our own images, our own personal blend of imagined sights, sounds, feelings, and much more.

During this workshop, we use a range of creative tools and techniques to get people sharing their own stories and experiences. More sensitive forms can also be used, where there has been conflict, for personal and community healing. Participants will learn about the best way to create a vibrant collaborative space for sharing tools, ideas and using personal narrative and story.

If you are interested to book this workshop for your organisation or community please email training@stethelburgas.org