The calling for us to reconcile our relationship with the Earth, our common home which is in deep crisis, could not be more urgent. Moving beyond mainstream approaches, spiritual values can provide the foundation from which to respond and rebuild, and create real and lasting change. This training will engage both heart and mind in an experiential exploration of the principles and practical application of spiritual ecology and a new way of living in harmony with our planet.

About Spiritual Ecology 

Spiritual ecology is an emerging field and an aspect of our work that we are exploring in relation to building a global culture of peace, which includes learning to live in peace with the Earth. It brings together ecology and environmentalism with a deeper awareness of nature as alive, as animate, and as sacred. Spiritual Ecology is not based upon any single religion or spiritual path, but rather points to the primary and universal recognition of the sacred nature within creation. It is informed by the teachings of religious and spiritual traditions, indigenous wisdom and the new scientific paradigm. The central values of this worldview are interconnectedness, reverence, service, compassion and stewardship.

The workshop will include:

  • an introduction to the framework, principles and worldview of spiritual ecology
  • practices to bring alive embodied experiences of spiritual ecology
  • strategies for resilience in facing the grief and challenges of this work and time
  • ideas on how to apply of the principles in action to create lasting change

This workshop is suitable to people of all ages and backgrounds, requires no prerequisite knowledge or training, and welcomes: environmental activists, change makers, peace workers, young people and anyone interested in the transition to a world based on values of interconnectedness and reverence for life. For more information or to book a training for your organisation please contact clare@stethelburgas.org.