St Ethelburga’s deep adaptation workshops offer an opportunity to face the reality of climate breakdown, move beyond denial or fear, and explore how we might become a source of courage and vision for those around us. We offer a model to live differently in this unfolding and unknowable landscape, based on the 4 R’s of reconciliation, relinquishment, resilience and restoration, with a focus on acting from our deepest human values.

This training takes as its starting-point the climate science that tells us that near-term ecological and societal emergency are now upon us. Across the world, we are already seeing food shortages, flooding, extreme weather, escalating extremism and mass migration caused or exacerbated by climate breakdown. Climate breakdown will likely be the greatest driver of conflict over the coming decades.

How do we adjust to this reality? What is it to stand in solidarity, and how do we approach themes of complicity, responsibility, and reparations? By what values do we want to live individually and collectively?

This training will include:

  • An opportunity to face and internalise the reality of ecological and societal collapse
  • A call to stand in solidarity with others already experiencing the impacts
  • An opportunity to discern and activate the core values that will help to walk courageously into the future
  • A longer term view: imaginings of the future

Our deep adaptation training can be tailored to suit a variety of contexts. We can adapt our offering to give:

  • An immersive day for groups or individuals seeking to face the realities of climate breakdown and adapt their lives
  • Training-the-trainer workshops to enable groups to introduce the material to their own particular communities and contexts
  • A structured approach for faith institutions to explore from a spiritual and practical perspective
  • An opportunity for organisations and business leaders to face facts about climate breakdown and begin to map a response within their teams

If you are interested to book this workshop for your organisation or community please email tarot@stethelburgas.org.