We are pleased to announce that just in time for the Pope’s visit to Colombia, our Columbian partners Rodeemos el Diálogo have released a policy brief based on our partnership panel event, “Religion in Colombia: Supporting or Spoiling Peace?” in May this year.   The panel explored the role of religious communities and institutions, key actors in economic, political and social life, in peacebuilding in Colombia.

In addition to outlining some of the future challenges to building peace, the policy brief includes recommendations to religious communities and institutions to contribute to peacebuilding, recommendations for the visit of Pope Francis to Colombia, and general recommendations to Colombian society.

If you wish to learn more, read the policy brief here:

Religious Communities and Institutions in Colombia: Supporting or Spoiling Peace?

The panel participants were: Rowan Williams, ex-archbishop of Canterbury, professor of Theology and Master of Magdalene College of Cambridge University, and chair of trustees of Christian Aid, who has visited many countries in conflict and knows the challenges that multiple religious communities face in transitional contexts; Ana Victoria Mendoza, victim of the guerrilla, and the first female Colombian priest in the Anglican church, and member of the Commission on Truth, Memory and Reconciliation of Colombian Women in the Diaspora in London, who helps victims to share their testimonies; and Andrei Gómez-Suárez, teacher at the Instituto Alberto Merani school in Bogotá, research associate at Oxford University and author of the book El triunfo del No: La paradoja emocional detrás del plebiscite (Icono 2016), who has researched peace processes in Colombia.

Amrita Bhohi

Programme Coordinator

Amrita leads on our Spiritual Ecology strand of work which includes the Spiritual Ecology Fellowship, public events and trainings. She also contributes to fundraising, strategy, and managed the new website design. She is passionate about the role of younger generations in transitioning to a socially just and ecologically sustainable world, and has played a key role in launching and embedding St Ethelburga's young adult leadership programmes. Amrita previously worked on the global Eradicating Ecocide campaign and at the think tank, The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House). In 2013 she organised TEDxWhitechapel, one of the most popular and radical TEDx events in London. She holds a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from King's College, and an MA in Economics for Transition from Schumacher College. Her interests lie in new economics, systems change, and social and environmental regeneration. Amrita can offer workshop and lectures on: Spiritual ecology; new economics; environmental peacemaking and young leadership.