Regular events

Wednesdays 1.00 pm: Stillness

Join our team for a period of silence and stillness at the centre point of the week.


Thursdays 12.45 - 1.30pm: Heart Meditation

A simple meditation practice which uses the energy of the heart to still the mind.  Helps to develop a sense of openness, calm and well-being.  Suitable for people of all faiths and none, and for regular meditators as well as beginners.  With Jenny Cox  (Golden Sufi Centre).


Thursdays 7.00pm: St Ethelburga's Singers

Come and sing songs from around the world. For more information contact Naamah on 07811 837 381.


Fridays 11.00-3.00pm:

St. Ethelburga's is open to visitors.