Young Sacred Activist of the Year Award 2019

Seeking nominations for young adults who are bringing spirituality and action together in powerful new ways.

Justine Huxley

Justine Huxley


Justine leads on vision, strategy and communications.  Her raison d’etre is bringing people together and co-creating innovative projects rooted in worldview of interdependence.  She is committed to advancing the next generation of leaders and building resilience for our increasingly dystopian times.

Generation Y, Spirituality and Social Change  published in March 2019, is a collection of stories and interviews with young people exploring how the next generation are living spiritual values through social action.  St Ethelburga’s will be putting a percentage of the book sales towards an annual award and seed corn grant for young people.

Who do you know who puts their faith or spirituality into action?

To win the award they need to have spark, innovation and a commitment to faith or spirituality.   They need to be under 38 years old and based in the UK or Ireland.

In 2019, it’s inaugural year, as there are not yet any proceeds from the book, the awards will come with a small cash prize of £200, and be presented at the book launch on 7th March:  Generation Y, Spirituality and Social Change.

To honour the support we have received from the Methodist Church funding our sacred activist work, we also have a second award specifically for those of Methodist heritage.

Please share this page widely within your own community.   Help us to recognise the amazing work young people are doing, putting deeper values into action in times of crisis.

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Use the form below to nominate (and yes you can nominate yourself!)   Please submit your nominations by midnight on 21 January 2019.

If you have any questions, email

Sacred Activist of the Year Award

  • Who do you know who is 38 years old or under, and is bringing spirituality or faith together with action? We are interested in people who are established in their social activism, OR people who are new and showing potential. Winners will show innovation, commitment and a unique spark. (You can nominate yourself too!)
  • Please add as many links as possible to websites, social media or images of their work.
    (There is no right answer to this question - we are interested in people who identify in lots of different ways).
    We have two awards to give - a general one and also one specifically for young adults connected with the Methodist tradition. This is in recognition of the financial support we have received from the Methodist Church for our sacred activism programmes.

Please share widely and please send your nominations ASAP!

Winners will be selected by a small committee including St Ethelburga’s staff and Trustees, a representative from the Methodist Church, and some of the alumni from our young leadership programmes.





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