Viewpoint Diversity

Conversations across difference for the sake of social healing and cultural repair

Clare Martin

Development Director


Our viewpoint diversity programme creates spaces for people to lean into disagreement constructively. We want to regenerate social trust, one conversation at a time.

It’s getting harder to connect with those who disagree. Many factors feed into the polarising dynamics of our time. The echo-chambering effect of social media is a major driver. Whatever the issue, whether it’s politics, social justice, intergenerational tensions, culture war or vaccine war, our collective conversations are growing increasingly silo-ed and tribalised.

Our response is to bring the principles of reconciliation to the frontline of these conflicts. We offer viewpoint diversity dialogue events, workshops and trainings on how to reach out across our differences.

Our trainings include:
– Conflict coaching and transformation
– Bespoke workshops to help your community grapple with divisive issues
– Education on polarisation and a toolkit for how to communicate your views in a way that is depolarising

This is a new and growing strand of work. If you’re interested to get involved or to hear more, contact clare@ stethelburgas.org.


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