Standing at the crossroads: Crisis, leadership and the financial sector

Financial institutions have a profound responsibility to help us collectively navigate the turbulent years ahead.  What possibilities are emerging at this critical juncture in human history?

Justine Huxley

CEO, St Ethelburga's

Coronavirus is wreaking havoc with both society and financial markets, and set to cause immense challenges to our economic system.  Climate breakdown also looms on our collective horizon. 

Financial institutions have a profound responsibility to help us collectively navigate the turbulent years ahead.  How can individuals in the sector respond?  How do we lead most effectively for the good of humanity? How can we prepare for the challenges?     

This new series will bring together a wide range of voices and offer diverse perspectives on this theme to provoke, challenge and stimulate innovation.  It will build community across groups who currently are rarely seen in the same spaces  – including leaders and concerned individuals within financial institutions, the insurance and energy sectors, the business world, pioneers of regenerative economics, deep adaptation practitioners, economics students, young leaders, strategists from Extinction Rebellion, philanthropists, high net worth individuals, and those working in consultancy and leadership.  

Standing at the Crossroads operates on the principle of no blame and that diverse perspectives are needed to solve complex challenges.  

Incorporated into Standing at the Crossroads will be an online programme for emerging leaders called ARK.  We are in the process of redesigning ARK for an online environment.  It will be more flexible and accessible but include the same inspiring thought-leaders and mentors. For more information about ARK, click here.

Details of the Standing at the Crossroads series will be added to this page soon. Thank you for bearing with us as we adapt the course for the current online environment.

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