Listening to each other : Listening to Earth

Listening to each other : Listening to Earth is a response to the urgent need for climate justice and to build peace with Earth as a living sacred being. It explores the integration of spirituality with grounded action through the lives and leadership of Black people, and people of colour.

Amisha Ghadiali

Podcast Host

About Spiritual Ecology

The calling for us to reconcile our relationship with the Earth, our common home, could not be more urgent.  andemics are just one symptom of the delicate balance of life that we have destroyed.  As melting ice caps merge into sea, wild fires rage, the body of the earth continues to warm, it is obvious that political, economic and even environmental efforts are failing to protect, preserve or sustain life.  A deeper response is required.  So what kind of actions can truly create the changes we so desperately need?

As they say in the Lakota tradition, we cannot have peace on Earth, unless we also have peace with Earth.  Spiritual ecology is both an ancient and newly emerging field which brings together ecology and environmentalism with the awareness of nature as alive, as animate, and as sacred.  It proposes that at this time of ecological and social unravelling, spiritual values have the potential to provide the foundation from which to respond and rebuild.

This year we aim to build climate justice into every aspect of our response to the ecological crisis, bringing together, in Pope Francis’ words, the ‘cry of the Earth’ with the ‘cry of the poor’.  We want to speak the story of interbeing in a way that honours both the human story and the other-than-human story, exploring how they are inextricably woven together.

We want to raise up the voices that speak with depth and wisdom for climate justice and the living Earth.

About the Programme

In 2020 we will be launching two new series:

Working in collaboration with Amisha Ghadiali and ‘The Future is Beautiful’ we will be creating 8 podcasts exploring spiritual ecology through the lives of people of colour leading in this field.

We will also be offering 3 workshops throughout the year, also focusing on how spiritual ecology is lived in the lives of Black people, and people of colour.

Upcoming events and workshops

These will be posted on the events listing on this website.

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More about Amisha

Amisha Ghadiali is the founder of a successful podcast series called, ‘The Future is Beautiful’.  The series was created as a platform for meaningful conversations which challenge the dominant world story and embrace the complexity and interconnectedness of our times, fusing spirituality, creativity, ecology and politics.  The show has followers in over 150 countries.  Amisha has a unique interview style, rooted in deep listening (both inwardly and outwardly) creating a sense of intimacy and space for new thought.

“I am blown away by the quality of the conversation in every episode. Amisha’s curiosity, emotional intelligence, and skill in holding the space to have difficult, singular and meaningful conversations is astonishing.” Jessica Ferrow, UK

For a taste of popular episodes explore these links:   Jem Bendell (deep adaptation); Jyoti  (indigenous grandmothers, sacred economics); Raki Ap (climate, colonialism and empowered activism); Phoebe Tickell (complex systems and soul work).

With gratitude… 

Our work is supported by the Kalliopeia Foundation Fund of RSF Social Finance.  Kalliopeia also ran a sister programme in the US.  You can read about the US programme and their inspiring participants and projects here, and the developing global community of Spiritual Ecologists that is emerging through this work.



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