Refugee Allies

Refugee Allies promotes community, understanding and connection between local people and displaced people through public events, volunteering and public speaking.

Jo Winsloe-Slater

Jo Winsloe Slater

Project Manager

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Refugee Allies aims to promote a sense of community, connection and understanding between settled, local people and displaced people through public events, workshops and humanising narratives.

Inside Stories is a series of conversations with people who have been displaced by war, conflict or persecution about their lives, thoughts and hopes for others during the pandemic.

We design and host events, often with refugee and migrant partners and organisations, that bring people together in a spirit of friendship, of learning or a shared passion and interest.

How to get involved

Organisations: Why not plan a visit to the welcoming haven of St Ethelburga’s with its unique history and inspiring stories of compassion, renewal, perseverance and unity.

Organisations and individuals: Got an idea for an event or project to co-create together?

Please get in touch – email Jo Winsloe Slater or text or Whatsap Jo on 07725954005

Upcoming Events

Check out our Events Page for upcoming events.


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