Journey of Hope: reconciling communities

Training up faith leaders to be skilled peacemakers in their communities.

Rebecca Brierley


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To reconcile is to seek the healing of what’s been broken. We all experience brokenness in our families, neighbourhoods, and communities in different ways: through disagreement, disconnection, violence, and conflict. But where there is conflict there is also opportunity to re-imagine a new way of life. When we can learn to move towards conflict, extend hospitality to those who have different beliefs or opinions, speak into societal divisions, and hold space for meaningful communication, true healing can take place. 

‘Journey of Hope’ is an immersive leadership training programme which equips and supports faith leaders to creatively and courageously respond to conflict, cultivating a more relational and resilient society. Our first cohort of 20 who we trained over 9 months in 2019 are working to address issues of community polarization such as multi-faith relations, youth violence, LGTBQ inclusion, class divides, systemic racism, and climate breakdown.

‘Journey of Hope’ is delivered by Reconcilers Together: a partnership of peacemakers across the UK & Ireland rooted in the Christian faith. It includes:

  • Coventry Cathedral
  • Rose Castle Foundation in Cumbria
  • Corrymeela in Northern Ireland​
  • St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace in London
  • The Blackley Centre in Yorkshire
  • Reconciling Leaders at Lambeth Palace
  • Place for Hope in Scotland
  • Bridge Builders across the UK
  • The Iona Community
  • Holy Island

For more information please visit our website: www.reconcilerstogether.co.uk or email rebecca.brierley@stethelburgas.org.uk.

Photo credit: www.positivearts.co.uk 


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