Radical Resilience

A values based model of resilience to equip people to face the truth about climate breakdown and to prepare inwardly and outwardly.

Clare Martin

Project Manager, Radical Resilience

Radical Resilience is St Ethelburga’s model for growing courage and purpose in an age of climate emergency. We offer a values-led model of resilience, since we find that engaging with our deepest sense of purpose unlocks a regenerative power within us that can bring joy, freedom and hope – even when facing dark times.  

Inspired by deep adaptation, this training starts from the premise that ecological and social collapse are already underway. There is an urgent need for us to respond to this both as individuals and in our communities. How can we find strength in our values and take practical steps to regenerate our world?   How can we prepare to step up when things get tough –  giving hope when others feel desperate and inspiring trust when communities fracture?  And how can we embed adaptive solutions that prepare us well for what the future may bring, while at the same time reaching out to those already on the frontline of climate breakdown?

This project involves working with leaders in different contexts offering:

  • practical ideas to embed regenerative culture in your context
  • a space to talk about the truth of what climate science suggests is coming – this often brings a feeling of relief
  • a pathway to discern your own core values to draw on as the foundation of your resilience
  • a dynamic co-learning experience
  • a context to explore adaptive solutions to climate breakdown.

Our 2020 resilience leadership programme is already underway.  We are also offering several events that are open to the public – see the events page.

There is also a training workshop you can request if you have a group of 8 or more.

Interested to hear more?  Email clare@stethelburgas.org.

With gratitude

This work is generously supported by

Photo of entwining tree roots courtesy of Diane Barker


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