Lighthouse in a Storm

A programme for young adults to help develop a strong inner life as a source of resilience for what is to come. The foundations of the programme are rooted in two critical needs of our time - to bridge divides and to love the Earth.

Justine A A Huxley



The pandemic was just the beginning.  We are entering into times of profound uncertainty, watching things unravel around us.  Where can we find the inner resources to help us weather the storm?  How can we root ourselves in what is essential?  Can we be a light for others in a time of growing darkness?

Spirituality and faith are a vital resource for both personal resilience and global transformation – but the rampant materialism and cultural disintegration in the world around us, can have a negative impact on spiritual depth, sometimes without us realising.

We see a need to resource young adults who are engaged in service, leadership or innovation, to keep inner lives powerful and true for the long haul.  This programme teaches a simple method for forging an inner space inside ourselves, and an outer structure in our lives, that protects our practice from the distractions and distortions in the wider landscape.

The course is built around a cycle of 4 elements.   Each element is repeated in more depth in the second half of the course.

  1. Disciplined practice:  Spiritual practice, resilience and the role of discipline
  2. Inner work:  Reclaiming our psychological shadow
  3. Navigating conflict:  Living wisely in a polarised and post-truth world
  4. Loving Earth: Connecting to the wider web of life

The structure represents the need for a strong inner life which nourishes and empowers the two critical tasks of our era – to bridge divides and to love the Earth.

The programme is a 10 week structured course which includes the voices of inspiring young leaders and a day of action where participants give their time in service to a regenerative peace, social action or ecology project.  At the end of the programme, the participants transition into a peer led community which is supported to continue into the future.

More info:  justine@stethelburgas.org


Tent Talks

Exploring new ways to communicate across divides.


Faith and Moral Courage

Reconnecting people across the globe with their deepest values, so they can meet crisis with courage.



Planting a network of hedgerows to connect people and nature


Viewpoint Diversity

Conversations across difference for the sake of social healing and cultural repair


People of the Earth

Promoting community, understanding and connection between local people and displaced people through public events, volunteering and public speaking. “Being a refugee is an experience; not an identity” Mohammad Badran.


Radical Resilience

A values based model of resilience to equip people to meet the complex challenges of our time with vision, joy and pragmatism


Deep adaptation: Navigating climate breakdown

“Not everything can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced” (James Baldwin, civil rights activist)