The Fellowship of St Ethelburga

The Fellowship of St Ethelburga welcomes new members. We come together in worship, discussion and prayer. Together, we ask ourselves, what is it be be a Christian in todays world?

Jane Morton


About the Fellowship of St Ethelburga

Our centre has a remarkable story with a Christian heart and we engage Christians to support the work of reconciliation and peace.

The Fellowship of St Ethelburga supports Christians seeking to contribute to reconciliation and peace.  We do this through:

  • Regular mutual prayer
  • A Fellowship gathering at St Ethelburga’s Centre on the first Wednesday of the month where we share Eucharist with intercessions.
  • People of all faiths and none are welcome.
  • Reflective discussions after the Eucharist are led by our chaplains on our responses to peace with ourselves and our planet, conflict, faith and reconciliation
  • We offer prayers for reconciliation with Mother Earth and the suffering in the more than human world
  • Together we reflect on: Where is God in all that is before us? How can we become agents of reconciliation and peace?

For Fellows who are not able to attend the monthly Eucharist and discussion, the Fellowship maintains and develops bonds of friendship and mutual support through:

We welcome Christians of all denominations.  If you are interested in becoming involved with the Fellowship and would like to be added to our newsletter, click here

If you have a request for intercession or simply have questions, please contact jane.morton@stethelburgas.org

When: First Wednesday of the Month, 12:30-2:00PM

Where: Nave, St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace

St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace is consecrated for Christian worship. Our Christian Fellowship meets on the first Wednesday of the month for Holy Communion and Soul Space at 12:30 pm, followed by a discussion at 1:15pm. Members are invited to pray regularly for our work and to become agents for healing and peace in their own lives.

All are welcome; whether you work nearby and would like to explore faith away from the office one lunch time, to individuals and groups from local churches.  You are most welcome to come and can drop in at any time during the event.  If you would like further information about the service or to ask questions, please feel free to contact jane.morton@stethelburgas.org.

The Church of England has an open table, if you are would rather not take communion please do not hesitate in coming for a blessing or to sit and pray in your seat.

Using visuals, sounds and a space to reflect, Soul Space has a gentle and contemplative feel. People from all faith backgrounds and none are very welcome. Please share with others, especially hungry hearts who don’t necessarily find conventional religion appealing or who are wearied or damaged by religion.
After the service, we will share some food and make space to explore our thoughts together

When: First Wednesday of the Month, 12.30-2:00PM

Where: Nave, St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace

Following the Eucharist on the first Wednesday of each month, we share lunch and discuss issues of faith, peace, conflict and reconciliation.

Please sign up for our email newsletter for updates.  Our next meeting is

the first Wednesday of the month


Join us to share your thoughts with the group on finding grace in our own lives


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