Faith and Moral Courage

Reconnecting people across the globe with their deepest values, so they can meet crisis with courage.

Clare Martin


In an age of unravelling, uncertainty and risk, our Faith & Moral Courage programme seeks to understand how we can grow our capacity to brave our limits.

We’re living in an age of polycrisis, and this has left many people feeling separate from the world around them and disconnected from their faith or deepest values. When left alone to contend with the sheer extent of the problems we face, feelings of futility and apathy may overwhelm us. Even when we have a great desire to do something, the challenge of finding a meaningful way to respond to the crisis at our door can leave us feeling utterly lost.

Our response is to undertake a journey of discovery into the meaning of moral courage, so that we might reinvigorate people’s sense of purpose, reconnect them to their faith or deepest values, and help them to find the bravery to respond to what life is calling forth in them.

Through an interweaving of live talks, action-orientated discussion, workshops, ritual, music, and storytelling, our Faith & Moral Courage project is exploring the following questions: Where does extraordinary courage come from? What can we learn from people who’ve risked everything to live up to their values? What forms of courage are especially needed in our age of unravelling, uncertainty and risk? How can we inspire ourselves and each other to grow our capacity to brave our limits? Are there simple practices that can help with this? Are there insights from the world’s spiritual and faith traditions that can help us grow our courage?

As a part of the Faith and Moral Courage project, on 21st July 2023, we held our Bridging Divides, Loving Earth Conference, where we explored the intersection of climate and peace. You can see a summary of the event here…



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The cover of the Faith and Moral Courage Handbook

This is a new and growing strand of work. If you’re interested to get involved or to hear more, contact clare@ stethelburgas.org.


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