“I find hope for the future in the youth. They are standing so much more in the new story of inter-being and I think to myself, what are these people going to be capable of?”

– Charles Eisenstein, speaker and author


As the future inheritors of the Earth, the younger generation has great energy for effecting radical change. Our unique leadership programmes bring together young people with the spark of the future in their hearts, and focuses on supporting them to create practical initiatives that can bring their values to life and make lasting impact.


Transforming intolerance: Apply for a grant to address intolerance, prejudice and marginalisation

We have £60k of resources we wish to deploy towards projects addressing diverse forms of intolerance in our society. We are seeking specifically Jewish-Christian collaborations to deliver this project, focused on wider and more diverse forms of intolerance and hate. Read on below.


Generation Y, Spirituality and Social Change

This exciting new collection of stories and interviews draws on St Ethelburga's work with inspiring young leaders around the world. 


Spiritual Ecology

Our Spiritual Ecology programme is a response to the urgent need to build peace with Earth. It explores the integration of spiritual values with practical action to sow the seeds for a future based on interconnectedness and reverence for all life.