How can the mantra ‘think globally and act locally’ guide us in our work? How can we strengthen the connection between the global and local aspects of how we think about problems and respond to them? Our projects explore practical ways to amplify the global impact of community building and peacemaking.


Young Sacred Activist of the Year Award 2019

Seeking nominations for extraordinary young people making an innovative contribution to social change from a place rooted in faith or spiritual values.


Generation Y, Spirituality and Social Change: Stories from young adults changing the landscape of faith

An exciting new collection of stories and interviews drawing on St Ethelburga's work with inspiring young leaders around the world. 


Interfaith Activists

Seeking young adults from diverse faith and spiritual traditions!  


Spiritual Ecology

Our Spiritual Ecology programme is a response to the urgent need to build peace with Earth, our common home. It explores the integration of spiritual values with practical action to sow the seeds for a future based on interconnectedness and reverence for all life.


People of the Earth

People of the Earth is a project about living from our deepest values, building empathy and fostering friendships between Londoners and refugees seeking to make their home in the UK.