Faith and spiritual traditions are a powerful force for wisdom, compassion and inspiration. Our Sacred Activists, Spiritual Ecology and People of the Earth programmes all support individuals to explore how faith can mobilise us to take action for a more inclusive, peaceful and sustainable world.

Interfaith dialogue and relationship building is a long standing strand of our work, and we continue to build important bridges between faiths. We also work within specific faith communities, offering bespoke trainings on conflict transformation and community building.


The Fellowship of St Ethelburga

The Fellowship of St Ethelburga welcomes new members to join us in worship, discussion and reflection. Together, we aim to be agents of reconciliation and peace.


Spiritual Ecology

Our young adult leadership programme explores how spiritual values can be united with practical project development to stimulate social and environmental action for lasting change.


Sacred Activism

Sacred Activists speaks to the most urgent needs of our time, bringing together young people from different faith backgrounds who share a desire to create a more beautiful world, and empowering them to bring it into being.  It calls those with the spark of the future in their hearts, committed spiritual lives, and the impulse to lead to initiate dynamic social change.​