The refugee crisis

A strategic area of focuses on addressing the refugee crisis and subsequent migration issues within the UK. Our People of the Earth programme brings together Londoners and refugees to encounter each other first and foremost as human beings and share their stories.

Post-Brexit divisions within UK society

A second area of our work responds to the concerning social divisions illuminated in in the wake of the Brexit referendum. This includes differences relating to class and economic status, as well as immigration and racial tensions.

Direct community conflict transformation

We also facilitate in-depth and direct conflict transformation work with divided diaspora groups in London. Currently, we are working with Columbian, Somali, Sri Lankan and Zimbabwean communities.


Interfaith Activists

Seeking young adults from diverse faith and spiritual traditions!  


People of the Earth

People of the Earth is a project about living from our deepest values, building empathy and fostering friendships between Londoners and refugees seeking to make their home in the UK.


MA in Reconciliation

Reconciliation as a concept and practice is one of the least understood aspects of sustainable peacebuilding and conflict transformation. In collaboration with the University of Winchester, our MA in Reconciliation brings together the academic rigor of postgraduate study in higher education and the practical knowledge and skills required to work at the cutting edge of reconciliation.


Community Transformation

The Community Transformation programme supports leaders from a number of divided diaspora groups to name, understand and transform community conflicts into new relationships and hope for a different future.