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You can pre-order this new book on Amazon here.  If you are 38 years or under and would genuinely struggle to pay the full price, you can order from us direct at the cost of £10 plus £3 p&p.

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Young people are doing faith differently. They are redefining community, ministry and ritual for a new era. In the face of planetary crisis, the next generation no longer see faith as a private matter, instead they are integrating it with activism and the need for systemic change. Influenced by the wealth of different teachings and traditions available around them, their identities are increasingly multifaceted and emphatically global.

This collection of stories and interviews with young adults and their allies explores this new landscape, reflecting both the energy and inspiration of the next generation and the tremendous challenges they face. It points towards an exciting evolution in the way we are relating to the sacred.

Pre-order on Amazon

Discount for young people

Are you a millennial or younger?   As the publisher has set the price quite high, for a limited time only, St Ethelburga’s will be offering discounted copies of the book for younger readers who would genuinely struggle to pay the full price.  So if you are 38 years old or younger you are welcome to pre-order the book at the price of £10 plus £3 p&p.   The book will be published on 21st Feb and you should receive your copy before 1st March.



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