Human gifts of kinship

In this episode Amisha Ghadiali talks with Pat McCabe ‘Woman Stands Shining’, of the Diné Nation adopted into the Lakota Spiritual Way of Life. She is an international speaker travelling to pray and to share her journey of remembering and listening for the way Home, back to the true nature of being Human Being. This episode is part of a collaboration with St Ethelburga’s, called Listening to each other : Listening to Earth, which reaches for the place where spiritual ecology and climate justice meet. It explores the integration of spirituality with grounded action through the lives and leadership of people of colour.


“We have to move into radical self love and radical self trust, because we have that knowledge in our biology. We have that knowledge in our spirit. We have that knowledge and our connection to all the life that came before, that has the wisdom to draw in what we are so deeply searching for at this time.” Pat McCabe
<p>Amisha Ghadiali and Pat McCabe speak about how the beauty of our names reminds us of our uniqueness, our community spirit and encounters with the mysteries of Earth and life. They talk about that listening to Earth is a practice requiring us to acknowledge that different paradigms co-exist and that we have different ways of being human outside of modern world paradigms. Pat shares her personal stories and encounters with Mother Earth and how she transitioned from a place of deep intellect to a way of somatic knowing. We learn that Earth is always present if we listen and acknowledge ourselves as her beloved children.</p> <p>They explore how pre-colonialism, indigenous civilisations cultivated ways of knowing that bypassed intellect. We hear how they increased abundance and biodiversity creating ways to thrive continents as living organisms where humans were gifts that travelled roads of kinship to share knowledge and cultural cross-pollination. They speak about how the loss of their elders during the pandemic means devastating consequences for humanity due to loosing their vital knowledge, language, teachings and ceremony.</p> <p>Despite these challenges, Pat believes that possibilities are humming in the air that may shift our collective experience of isolation leading us into co-creation of new structures with life at the centre of their being. She reveals that she has been called to lead change of our dividend paradigms working with the world’s wealth holders to step out of old agreements from investments to restorations activating our radical self love, self trust and our freewill to transform money powers to serve the future of humanity and Mother Earth.</p>
<p><em>Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe) is of the Diné Nation, and was adopted into the Lakota Spiritual Way of Life. She lives in rural New Mexico, but travels internationally to speak, to pray, and to share her journey with others.</em></p> <p><em>Descended from elders taken into residential boarding schools intended to strip her people of their culture, she is continually in the process of remembering and listening for the way Home, back to the true nature of being Human Being. Describing this process is her greatest gift to the world. A particularly strong part of this journey has been to remake her understanding of gender, and the spiritual capacity they each – more than two – hold. Her guides have expressed to her: You think you know what Masculine is, but you don’t. You think you know what Feminine is, but you don’t. All you know is how these energetics behave in a power-over-paradigm, but if you were to plug them into a different paradigm, they would behave in a completely different way. Exploring this counsel is one of the greatest adventures she knows.</em></p> <p><em>For All My Relations and the Continuing Story of Creation that we, all of us together, are telling, right now.</em></p> <p><em>‘As we plunge ahead to build empires and race for supremacy we should stop and listen to [the female] song of life. For without the female there is no life. — Oren R. Lyons, Spokesman, Traditional Circle of Elders, Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan, Onondaga Council of Chiefs of the Hau de no sau nee</em></p> <p><strong>To find out more about <i>Pat’s</i> work, visit <a href="https://www.patmccabe.net/">patmccabe.net</a></strong></p>

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<div class="x_gmail_default"><b>Amisha Ghadiali</b> is a facilitator and author. She is the host of the globally acclaimed podcast, The Future Is Beautiful, which is one aspect of a non-profit she founded in 2010. She works one on one through her Presence Leadership Mentoring, and with groups through The Beautiful Leadership Immersion. She is interested in the relationship between inner transformation and systemic change. She edited the collaborative book The Future Is Beautiful, and is the author of Intuition.</div> <div class="x_gmail_default"><a href="http://www.amisha.co.uk/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" data-auth="NotApplicable">www.amisha.co.uk</a></div>

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