Many times at St Ethelburga’s we have witnessed the profound impact that well-communicated personal story can have on others.  We noticed that stories have the power to build bridges between people where discussion and dialogue sometimes fial.  So we set out to explore how stories are being used in community building and peace work.  We heard stories of conflict and struggle, stories of migration and home, stories of collective memory and inner journeys of faith.  We made connections in N. Ireland, Israel and S. Africa where stories transform lives.  We brought storytellers, academics and community workers together in conferences.  We experimented with our own ideas in workshops.  We invited traditional storytellers to perform here and created a programme of stories from different faiths which went on tour.


Stories have changed the way we think about the world and its divisions, and we’re excited to share our guide to inspire you with the power of stories.


Click here to download our narrative resource:

“What’s your story? The St Ethelburga’s guide to narrative and story-based approaches to community building”