In November our Journey of Hope cohort visited Coventry Cathedral as part of their 9 month immersive pilgrimage to places of peace and reconciliation. This module was all about what it means to be ‘reconciled to our faith’, understanding intra and inter tension and moving towards communion.

Coventry Cathedral
Reconciliation has been a mark of Coventry Cathedral’s ministry since 1940 when the city and Cathedral were heavily bombed and destroyed by enemy action during World War II. In the weeks that followed, the leader of the Cathedral had the words ‘Father Forgive’ inscribed in the ruins in a commitment to the Christian message of peace, forgiveness and reconciliation both with God and other humans.

We came together to be in communion across denominations, beliefs, traditions and viewpoints, and to explore current tensions around themes of human sexuality, class & poverty, and interfaith relations – holding these conflicts in lament and prayer.

Together for the Common Good

We welcomed Jenny Sinclair from Together for the Common Good, who shared about Catholic Social teaching…

Near Neighbours, Nisa-Nashim, Faith and Belief Forum

…and also welcomed Jess Foster, Benita Wishart and Mahmooda Qureshi – 3 friends from Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith who are working together to strengthen interfaith relations with Near Neighbours, Nisa-Nashim & Faith and Belief Forum.

Mahmooda said: “I believe when people of faith come together, we change the world.”
And this is our hope. As pilgrims of Journey of Hope.

Peace be with all of us.

Ayla is a Pastor from Frankfurt, Germany and is spending the last part of her education at St Ethelburga’s. As a Protestant she’s interested in the relation of faith and justice and how to live in peace – with ourselves, our neighbours and the whole Creation. At some point the world’s collapsing overburdened her and and questions arose: “How can I deal with it? And what can I do for ‘a better world’?” Asking these and further questions are the nature of Ayla’s being. Spending time together with other people feeling the same urgent need to just do something is the reason why Ayla chose St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace. She’ll support Becca and Michael in Journey of Hope with the Reconcilers Together partnership as well as creating a new offering for secondary schools to visit the Centre, including a workshop on peace-making. In addition to that, Ayla loves football, vegan lifestyle, and political commitment, and she is looking forward to explore the city and all its sides during her (limited) time with us.