As the coronavirus crisis deepens, our hearts and minds are with the urgent need to protect the most vulnerable.  

Refugee camps have little or no medical support, sanitation is hazardous and many volunteers have had no choice but to withdraw.  Within the UK, as well as globally, lost livelihoods are generating food poverty which could escalate to disasterous proportions.  

If you are lucky enough to have a paid job, or to be saving travel or other expenses due to lockdown, then join us supporting those most in need.

These projects will ensure food gets to those who need it most.

The Felix Project 

The Felix Project collects surplus food and redistributes it to those in London who need it most.  


Our partners working with refugees in Calais are working flat out to feed displaced people living outdoors in the woods in Calais 

The Global South

These are our partners in the Global South on the front lines of climate and social collapse. They now face an additional layer of intense hardship due to the pandemic.

Maher, India 

Works with destitute children, women and men all over India.  Water and food security are a major issue in the shadow of both climate breakdown and coronavirus.  

Circles of Hospitality, Brazil 

Works with refugees, many of whom are now more scared of starving than they are of contracting Covid-19.  They have a separate on-line donations page. Please click here. For all enquiries please email: contato@circulosdehospitalidade.org

Donate to St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace

For the last two years, St Ethelburga’s has been training community leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds to lead through times of social and ecological emergency. This training is exactly what is needed in the current times and has enabled many more people to step up and make significant contributions to resilience within our communities. Any donation you make will help this much needed work continue.

Thank you for remembering the most vulnerable people.