A new Chair of Trustees for 2020 and beyond

St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace is seeking a new Chair of Trustees to lead us in the next phase of our growth, helping us navigate the complex evolving crisis around us.  We are seeking both expressions of interest and also suggestions of people you feel would be a good fit or introductions.  We will be interviewing in August 2019 for a 2020 start.   More info 

These are the skills and qualities we are looking for:


  • Understanding of leadership and social change in a volatile, complex, unstable landscape
  • Nuanced appreciation of, and experience of working skilfully with, diversity and inclusion
  • A commitment to faith, with an understanding of different traditions
  • Interest in St Ethelburga’s work and resonance with its values
  • Time and capacity to commit.


  • Understanding of how faith and spirituality are lived in the younger generation
  • Understanding of the impact of climate change on conflict – now and in the coming years
  • Expertise in or resonance with one (or more) of the following fields: faith and spirituality, community building, diversity, conflict transformation, refugee integration, reconciliation, movement building, social activism.
  • Understanding of systems thinking (or approaches to peace-making rooted in systems thinking)
  • No conflicts of interest that would limit ability to fundraise for St E’s or conflict with St E’s values.
  • Experience of charity governance.

To suggest someone, make an introduction, express an interest or request more info please email   or call 07989 545 958 for an informal conversation.