We all know about the exciting and wide-ranging programmes and events run at St. Ethelburga’s, run by our talented staff team and volunteers. However, we wonder how many people know that St. Ethelburga’s is a registered charity, and behind the scenes is a small band of trustees who oversee its finances, policies, the building and generally help look after everyone. If you look on our website you will find all the information on us and what our backgrounds are.

Would you be interested in contributing and joining us a trustee?

We are particularly interested in Trustees who have backgrounds in: HR, buildings and facilities management, designing comms plans, movement building and decolonisation. The trustees meet for a couple of hours around 5-6 times a year in the mornings usually, so we would need that commitment, plus of course any other time you could spare outside of the meeting if you want to get involved in the various projects and issues that might arise from time to time – but this is not essential. All ages welcome!

If this is of any interest, please do get in touch for a chat – I would love to hear from you. I have been a trustee myself for just 3 years now and St Ethelburga’s is a special place, and it is a privilege to be able to help them. Email me, Martin Shaw, on and I will get back in touch.