Fellowship of St Ethelburga – Discussion Summary for April 2017

“In the workplace you need to offer people dignity and love – an acknowledgement of their humanity.”

For April, the Fellowship of St Ethelburga invited Canon Professor Clive Morton to lead discussion on how the Christian doctrine of love can form the basis of a corporate career.  Clive gave an overview of his work life – initially as an engineering student, who took to the subject of industrial relations and how to respond to the human needs of often very strategic construction sites.

Through the 1960′ and 70’s this led him to work on well-known sites, from the redevelopment of the Barbican centre to Brixton leisure centre.  He went on in his career to work with Rolls Royce, manage union disputes and keep workers at the centre of construction agendas to ensure the best possible work could be done. His faith was integral throughout this time, with prayer playing a large role in discerning his path forward and how to resolve issues.

He shared that the mission of reconciliation has been pivotal to his success and emphasized the dignity of the individual person. We are grateful to Clive for sharing his wisdom and stimulating thoughtful discussion and reflection for how we can become agents of peace and reconciliation in our workplaces.

“Confrontation is a loving act – leaning into issues builds stronger relationships.”

“A successful career in the corporate world has been a wonderful lesson in listening.”

Our speaker

Canon Professor Clive Morton – Professor for Middlesex University Business School London

Canon Professor Clive Morton introduced our conversation this month on how the Christian doctrine of love can form the basis of a corporate career. Clive’s career focused on the dignity of the individual person and the ministry of reconciliation.

Clive is a Professor at Middlesex University Business School London, a Chartered Companion and former Vice President of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), and a lay ecumenical canon at Peterborough Cathedral.  He has four decades of leadership in public and private organisations, serving as Director of Personnel/Human Resources for Komatsu UK, Northern Electric, Rolls Royce Industrial Power Group and Anglian Water Services. He has chaired NHS trusts and was founder chair of PMETB, the UK body for medical doctor training.