Youth refusing violence project

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Mar 21st 2011
In March we will be launching our brand new youth resource for schools, youth groups and young people aged between 11 and 20.
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The handbook and DVD ROM offer activities and ideas for encouraging groups to refuse the use of violenece by harnessing the strength and wisdom within their faith, and learning from other faiths too.

The aims of the Youth Refusing Violence resource are:
• To offer insight into the nature of conflict and violence
• To help draw from and draw out the wisdom that is found in our own and other faiths.
• To explore realistic alternatives for dealing with conflict, both mentally and practically.

The accompanying DVD ROM offers ideas about how to use the handbook material and stimulus for discussion, featuring young people who have taken part in the course from 4 different faith traditions.

The resource will be available to buy from 21 March 2011.

For more information email candia@stethelburgas.org