The conscious use of power

17:30 - 20:30
Feb 9th 2021 ~ Feb 18th 2021

How we are in the world, how we relate, collaborate and lead arises in part from our experiences with power. Join us for this practical, in-depth training that explores inner and outer changes that build solidarity and collective power. Application deadline, 12 Midnight (UK/GMT) Thursday, 7 January 2021.

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We are delighted to be hosting The Inner Activist’s training programme, ‘The conscious use of power’.

Please note places are restricted and applications for Conscious Use of Power (UK) must be received by 12 Midnight (UK/GMT) on Thursday 7 January 2021.  To apply, please follow this link.

How we are in the world, how we relate, collaborate and lead arises in part from our experiences with power. Power can be a negative force, creating division, polarization and systems of oppression, or it can be a source of personal growth and collective transformation. The Conscious Use of Power programme deepens our understanding of the conflicts, polarization, and feelings (such as anger, pain, guilt, helplessness, apathy and despair) caused by abuse of power and the resulting trauma. We explore the development of our social identities, both marginalized and dominant, as sources of strength and wisdom, and as places of deep wounding. Together we work to support the inner and outer changes which build solidarity, allyship and collective power.

Practices to get us ‘unstuck’ and help us tap into our inner sources of power will free our capacity to hold difference and to consciously use all forms of power, resourcing ourselves and our communities. Together we work to support the inner and outer changes which build solidarity, allyship and collective power.

Learning Outcomes

This training programmes aims to support a community of practice committed to self-awareness and skillfully use diverse forms of power to create a more just world.

Through participating in the course, participants will:

Increase Self-Awareness:

  • Have an embodied understanding of the levels at which oppression plays out: systemic impacts, interpersonal conflicts, internal wounding.
  • Recognize & appreciate our own social identity development in all its complexity, dominant marginalized and intersectionality.
  • Clarify personal growth edges to owning and using our power well

Build Capacity:

  • Practice navigating inner and outer conflicts more effectively
  • Develop and support daily practices to tap into personal sources of psychological and spiritual strength
  • Deepen relationship skills in order to build collaborative forms of power such as solidarity and allyship

Apply Learning:

  • Practice a cycle of reflection and action each day
  • Identify barriers and support strategies for applying new awareness in our work for change
  • Co-create a community of practice to support ongoing learning & application

Inner Activist methodology

We believe that learning happens through direct, personal experience, and critical reflection on that experience. As a result, our educational practice is to use a mix of experiential methods, small and large group dialogue, presentation of content, earth connection, and time for rest, play, silence and socializing. We engage the head, heart, body and community, and focus on bringing intention, awareness and wisdom to what is present in our moment-to-moment experience. As with all Inner Activist courses we will create a learning community that values diverse experiences and practices. We recognize that learning does not always occur in comfort. We invite us all into co-creating a brave space together.

Dates and times of the programme and application process

The programme comprises 12 hours of training delivered over two weeks in three-hour, online sessions on the following dates and times:

  • Tuesday, 9 February, 5.30-8.30pm (UK/GMT)
  • Thursday, 11 February , 5.30-8.30pm (UK/GMT)
  • Tuesday, 16 Febuary, 5.30-8.30pm (UK/GMT)
  • Thursday, 18 February, 5.30-8.30pm (UK/GMT)

Applications for The Conscious Use of Power (UK) training must be received by 12 midnight (UK/GMT) on Thursday, 7 January 2021.  Please apply via the Inner Activist website link.


  • £250 – Supporter Tuition (support others as well as yourself)
  • £175 – ‍Sustainer Tuition (pays for you)
  • £75 – ‍Community Tuition (discounted)

Inner Activist Factilitation Team

Natasha Aruliah

Jackie Larkin

About The Inner Activist:

Our mission is to co-create a learning space that develops compassionate, reflective and responsive leadership in individuals and communities, supporting leaders to skillfully navigate emotions, conflict, power and difference grounded in a commitment to social justice, diversity and equity. Our vision is a world where individual and collective leadership is based on justice and sustainability for all people, communities and the Earth; leadership that is self-aware, compassionate, collaborative, courageous, empowered and accountable.


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17:30 - 20:30
Feb 9th 2021 ~ Feb 18th 2021