Systemic constellations: Whole systems tools for working with change and conflict

09:30 - 17:30
Feb 20th 2017 ~ Feb 21st 2017

Systemic Constellations have emerged over the last 20 years as a powerful, "whole self/whole systems" approach for seeing and transforming challenges in our personal, organisational and social lives. This two day programme will introduce you to the fundamental principles, method and skills, weaving them together with dialogue techniques.

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Purpose of the training

Systemic Constellations have emerged over the last 20 years as a powerful, “whole self/whole systems” approach for seeing and transforming challenges in our personal, organisational and social lives.

By creating simple maps of the whole system – using figures or people – constellations enable the invisible dynamics of even seemingly intractable situations to be revealed, and often resolved, quickly and effectively. It enables people and groups to map out and explore systems dynamics, connect to purpose, and find peaceful solutions that strengthen the whole system.

This two day programme will introduce you to the fundamental principles, method and skills of Systemic Constellations, weaving them together with participatory dialogue techniques. It will help you begin to integrate this profound systemic lens and toolkit into your existing practices.

Who is it for?

The programme is relevant for: community builders, mediators, organizational consultants, faith leaders, those working in conflict transformation, change agents, coaches and anyone working with groups or seeking to better understand systems dynamics.


Whichever field you work in, this transformative programme will help you begin to integrate this method into your current practice. It focuses on resourcing you with simple, potent constellating tools that can help you diagnose issues, test solutions and discover new possibilities for generative action.

Specifically, you will develop or enhance your capacity to:

  • Understand the key principles, history and sources of this work, and the core method of Systemic Constellations
  • Use a constellating methodology – in both one-to-one and team or group contexts – as well as setting up simple Diagnostic Constellations of wider systems, so that you help yourself and your clients rapidly gain a systemic overview on the nature of their challenges
  • Map issues and systems in different ways (desktop-style or with floor markers and use of human representatives) so that you can work flexibly in different contexts
  • Understand, both experientially and conceptually, the ‘Hidden Orders’ that shape systems, enabling organisational and social change and well-being
  • Find the most empowering ‘place’ in relation to the system you are working with, and understand what this approach requires of the guide/helper in terms of ‘stance’, presence & capacity

There will be many opportunities to explore your own personal, organisational and social systems, both through exercises and demonstrations. We will dive deep (but lightly), we will have fun and we will learn together!

Programme Leaders

Edward L. Rowland

Edward L. Rowland is Founder of The Whole Partnership, a leadership consultancy and action research community that specialises in this way of working, and a senior executive and team coach. A leading British Systemic Coach and Constellations practitioner for both personal and organisational systems, he has delighted in co-pioneering this way of working in a leadership and work context for the last decade. He learned the work in the early 2000s from its 1st generation pioneers, notably Gunthard Weber and Judith Hemming (on the original COLPI programme). He then worked for the innovation consultancy nowhere group for 5 years.

With a background as a barrister, in creative industries and various psychological disciplines, he has over 16 years experience of helping leaders, teams and organisations in all sectors to unfold their unique potential and creativity. Clients have included VISA, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), numerous UK Government Departments and 3rd sector organisations like Forum for the Future and Volunteer Scotland. He is also a Director of the Centre for Systemic Constellations (CSC), the UK training body, and he has worked at various business schools and universities including Said Oxford.

Sarah Rozenthuler

Sarah Rozenthuler is a chartered psychologist, author, leadership development consultant and coach who works closely with The Whole Partnership. A leading international figure in the area of multi-stakeholder dialogue, Sarah works at the cutting edge of psychology, systemic practice and organizational consulting to create transformative change for global leaders and their organisations. With a first-class degree in psychology and over 15 years experience as a coach and facilitator, Sarah helps groups of leaders to build trust, access their collective intelligence and co-create inspired solutions that strengthen the system as a whole.

Clients have included Standard Chartered, the World Bank and the BBC. She previously worked for DiAlogos and Bill Isaacs for 7 years, and also works at business schools including Said Oxford. As the author of “Life Changing Conversations“, Sarah’s pioneering work has been featured in numerous publications, including the Sunday Times, the Observer, the Huffington Post and Psychologies Magazine, as well as on the BBC.

Feedback from previous trainings

“You hold a fabulous teaching space around this work, and create a really powerful container for experiential learning and transformation… deeply supportive and inspiring. The work is profound and your leadership and experience do it real justice”.
Joey Walters, Coach and Founder, Women at the Heart of Leadership


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