Spiritual Ecology and Systems Change: Practitioners forum

17:00 - 20:30
Nov 7th 2019

Bringing together Forum for the Future and St Ethelburga's Centre change maker communities, this event will offer a live exploration of the practical application of spiritual ecology and systems change; principles, practices and projects. With special guest Dr Jean Boulton.

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St Ethelburga’s Centre in collaboration with Forum for the Future

Join us for a live exploration into principles, practices and projects dedicated to inner as well as outer regeneration.

Grounded in a shared purpose to create deep and radical change in service to the future, this gathering brings together the St Ethelburga’s and Forum for the Future communities, to expand our understanding of the practical application of spiritual ecology and systems change.

The workshop will guide us through a creative and experiential exploration structured in three parts: worldview & principles, practices and project case studies. The evening will offer an engaging programme including story circles, case studies, experiential practices and poetry.

Together, we will explore:

  • What is the role of the sacred/spiritual dimension in this work, how do we include it?
  • How do we balance the need for deep change with the urgency of the change needed?
  • What are the tools and practices that can facilitate systems/spiritual ecology change?
  • How do we bring this worldview into spaces that aren’t in alignment with it?
  • Projects and case studies from spiritual ecology leadership programme alumni 

This event is also a celebration of the work of our Spiritual Ecology Associate Fellow community, and will showcase a number of  inspiring projects seed funded as part of St Ethelburga’s Centre Associate Fellow Programme over the past few years.


  • Deepen understanding of the relationship between systems practice and spiritual ecology
  • Offer insight into the practices that embody a spiritual ecology/systems worldview
  • Learn from active projects and practitioners applying this worldview in the real world

A light vegan dinner will be served from 8:30pm, and you are welcome to join us for food, continuing informal discussions and networking.

Dr Jean Boulton
Dr Jean Boulton is a physicist by background and lead author of Embracing Complexity (OUP, 2015). She is deeply interested in the link between postmodern science, Daoism and Buddhism. And passionate about how this framing of ‘the way things are’ informs the way to live with grace and ‘right action’



Amrita Bhohi
Amrita Bhohi  is a spiritual ecology facilitator and educator. Her work offers experiences to reconnect people, the living world and the sacred. She co-founded the spiritual ecology programme at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation & Peace in London, developing the curriculum, as well as co-leading an innovative leadership training for millennials. Amrita is passionate about what it looks like to integrate universal spiritual values into lived practice and projects to create real and long lasting change. She holds an MA in Ecological Economics from Schumacher College, is a fellow of St Paul’s Institute, and a trustee of Hazel Hill wood.

Daniel Ford
Daniel Ford is a Sustainability Strategist at Forum for the Future. He works on a mixture of strategy projects and system change experiments with partners and foundations such as Pukka Herbs and the KR Foundation.

His journey in sustainability started on Forum’s MA in Leadership for Sustainable Development, exploring systems change for sustainability in different contexts, from the public procurement of food with Defra, to decentralised energy networks with the TCPA, to exploring how banks can contribute to creating shared value with Barclays. He then spent time at Unilever, looking at strategies to mainstream sustainability into the business models of large corporates. He now works with Leila on the Boundless Roots Community project and is exploring the connections between individual agency in change and collective action.

Leila Hoballah
At Forum for the Future Leila is developing a global community of sustainable behaviour change practitioners looking to increase the number and ambition of behaviour change interventions globally to create the conditions for lifestyles to adapt and reach a zero carbon footprint. This work looks at multiple levels of the system, from individual change to narrative, structural and policy change, and identifying the best system leverage points for collective experimentations – using both community building and system change approaches.

Leila has been a social entrepreneur for nearly 10 years, co-founding makesense.org. She is an organisation and community designer and builder. Her passion is to bring consistency, readability, trust, excitement, efficiency and agility to a collective of people sharing the same vision and purpose.

About Forum for the Future
Forum for the Future is a leading international sustainability non-profit. For over 20 years Forum has been working in partnership with business, governments and civil society to accelerate the shift toward a sustainable future.

Climate change, poverty, malnutrition, civil unrest: the world today is facing complex challenges because our fundamental systems are broken. Forum specialise in addressing critical global challenges by catalysing change in key systems, from food to apparel, energy to shipping. We do this by convening transformational collaborations to drive change, by partnering with organisations to help them lead by example, and by building peoples’ capacity to think and act systemically.

Forum specialises in futures and systems practice. Exploring different possible futures to build intention in the present and continuously learning about how systems operate in different contexts to better understand where we can act together. Forum is building a global community of change makers, both through the School of System Change, which is Forum’s learning model to equip people with systems change capabilities, and through the Boundless Roots Community, a community of change makers exploring the shared inquiry of how we radically change how we live in a world facing climate collapse.

About Spiritual Ecology at St Ethelburga’s Centre
Spiritual ecology is both an ancient and newly emerging field, and an aspect of our work that we are exploring in relation to building a global culture of peace, which includes learning to live in peace with the Earth. It brings together ecology and environmentalism with a deeper awareness of nature as alive, as animate, and as sacred. Spiritual Ecology is not based upon any single religion or spiritual path, but rather points to the primary and universal recognition of the sacred nature within creation. It proposes that at this time of ecological unravelling, spiritual values have the potential to provide the foundation from which to respond and rebuild.

Over the past five years of work we have offered a leadership training programme for emerging young leaders in the next generation interested in applying spiritual values in practical projects and leadership. We also offer training, events and retreats sharing our spiritual ecology curriculum and tools.