Skills workshop for young leaders: Telling stories about spirituality and social change

10:00 - 17:00
Jan 12th 2019 ~ Jan 13th 2019

Learn how to communicate powerfully from the heart, and inspire others to action

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At this time in history, we are in great need of powerful stories that inspire us to action.  Stories can also build community and connect us up with those around the world who are also working for change.  Stories are a way of building relationships when we share them face to face – and also can reach around the globe via video and social media.

This workshop is for young adults (18-36 years old) who are engaged in some form of social action, and who are also rooted in a particular faith or spiritual commitment.

The workshop involves:

  • Gathering a group of 26 young people from diverse backgrounds
  • Building connections and understanding across our faiths and cultures
  • Learning and testing powerful, practical techniques to help us share our stories for maximum impact
  • Input from Mac Macartney and other story and speaking experts on communicating from the heart
  • An opportunity to test your public speaking or video diary skills in the real world – in mixed faith pairs – and receive constructive feedback
  • An opportunity to become part of a wider community of like-minded young people engaged in building a better world.

More information and a full programme will be available soon.

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