Rooted Visionaries

All Day
Nov 10th 2015 ~ Dec 1st 2015
Are you interested in exploring how faith influences social action? Are you wanting to be more effective for the good of your community? Come and learn from inspiring leaders, passionate about social change and continually challenging themselves to think bigger. Come and meet other young activists and change makers grappling with the same questions as yourself.
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Faith calls us to action. Our faith asks us to show God to the world through our deeds. This series of four inspiring conversations will equip young people of faith who work, and yet still feel a deep call to help their communities.

The conversations will provide:

  • Skills to help make your community work more impactful and alive
  • Inspiration to expand your ideas and realise your vision for your community
  • Networks to support and enable greater change
  • Connections to a mentorship community to guide you through challenges

Each session will include input from speakers working in their contexts, sharing their direct experiences and stories. There will be space for building relationships across faith contexts, and practical skills for community work.

Each evening will include food at 6pm, finishing at 9pm. The programme is free, with donations welcome. You can attend one or two evenings or all four. 


10th November: How does your faith influence your action in your community?

How does your faith make your action more inspired and alive? What has been your journey to thinking about community action?

This evening will include reflections from young people from a Christian and Jewish context, on how their personal faith inspires their social action.

We will hear from Gabriel Pogrund interfaith young leader, and Ruth Wilde, member of Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) UK. 


17th NovemberHow can we find the need for action in our communities?

We feel called to talk action in our communities, rooted in faith. How do we identify the need? What are the issues in your community that you can help to address? What is already being done? 

We will hear from Nic Schlagman, Community Projects Manager for West London Synagogue, and Josh Grear, Brixton Project Leader for Christian International Peace Service (CHIPs)

They will reflect on their experiences of identifying the need for action in their communities, guided by their faith. 


24th November: How do we engage effectively across difference during our community work?

How can we work across differences when planning and implementing community work? What does it mean to work effectively in diverse teams to bring a vision of change to life? How can we have those challenging conversations? 

Evening three will explore a number of skills for having challenging conversations, a key part of community work in all areas. 


1st December: How do we bring our ideas forward? 

How do we implement our ideas for change in our community? What do we need to move forward? Who do we have in our networks and how we expand our reach?

When bringing our faith into action, we need to martial all our networks and resources for effective change. Our ideas have more impact and influence when we can draw in diverse networks and expand our reach into our communities.


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