On forgiveness and reconciliation: learning and growing in our human abilities for peace

19:00 - 21:00
Feb 5th 2019

An evening with Dr Juanma Robles exploring the process of forgiveness in reconciliation and peacebuilding.

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We live in a world where very often we hurt or we are hurt by others. In order to overcome the anger, resentment and fear that arise from harming and being harmed, we need to learn and develop the human ability of forgiveness. Forgiving is not easy, but it is necessary to break the chain that connects us to harmful past situations, enabling us to look to the future with a renewed hope.

St Ethelburga’s is hosting an evening with Dr Juanma Robles, who is a qualified teacher of psychology and has got a PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies, where he researched about the theory and practice of forgiveness. With Dr Robles, we will consider difficult situations we have faced or we may face that could be positively transformed through the healing and liberating effects of forgiving. After exploring some philosophical and psychological insights, we will focus our attention in a prescriptive model of forgiveness, which could be useful either to help us to forgive our offenders, or to use it as a tool to help others to forgive theirs.