Occupy spirituality: Action, prayer and contemplation in the new era

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Jul 21st 2015
In these times of challenge and transition, what role do our inner lives play in social activism? Are the next generation bringing prayer and action together in new ways? What does faith or spirituality mean for younger people? Participatory dialogue with Adam Bucko, author of Occupy Spirituality, and Peter Owen-Jones, BBC 2's 'Extreme Pilgrim'.
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Non-violent action at street protest II

As we face the worsening inter-related challenges of economic injustice, religious extremism and ecocide  – how will this effect the way we practice our faith or spirituality?

Where we see the overwhelming need for urgent global action – what impact does that have on how we relate to contemplation, retreat or silence?   

What is the difference between activism and action arising from faith?

And are young people evolving new ways to bring these things together?

What do you think?  How does this look in your life?  What do you aspire to?  

  Adam Bucko, author of Occupy Spirituality and The New Monasticism, is a 
  new and powerful voice emerging from the U.S.  His own journey, which
  involves offering support and social direction to the homeless of New  
  York, demonstrates how for many of us, particularly younger people growing up in
  our present context of global crisis, a 'spiritual calling' can no longer be lived
  out in a monastery or retreat centre – it no longer makes any sense when separated
  from action.  Spirituality needs to be lived out not just by focusing on our own
  healing, but rather by dedicating our lives in service to building a better world.


  Peter Owen-Jones is a radical Anglican priest, author, spiritual explorer and TV
  presenter of Extreme Pilgrim, How to live a simple life, and Around the world in 80
  faiths.  Peter is also an outspoken advocate of new ways of living our faith, relating
  to other faiths, and also connecting our spirituality with ecology and the earth.  In '
  How to live a simple life' he follows in the footsteps of St Francis and attempts to 
  live without money, in a very heart-felt attempt to go beyond consumerism. He has
  also written four books on related themes.  


Both Adam and Peter articulate a vision of spiritual activism that speaks to people rooted in one faith tradition, but open to the influence of all the worlds wisdom traditions, and also to those who may not feel they belong within any organised religion.

This dialogue will explore how we bring contemplation and action together in our lives, and how this relationship is expressing itself across the generations.

We will ask how young people in particular can identify their gifts and inner/outer calling.  We will explore the place of discipline, authenticity, mentorship, spiritual elders, and ask how we can evolve fresh new ways of being in community.

Whatever your age, faith, belief or background – come and join us for a warm and inspiring evening of conversation, enquiry and silence.

Suggested donation:  £7 – £15 depending on means.  
Please register if you are coming as it helps us to know the numbers.  

This event is free of charge for Friends and Guardians of St Ethelburga's. 

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