No wealth but life: Re-invent your organisation!

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Jan 13th 2016
What does a flexible, harmonious and organic organisation look like? How can we create cultures that make work productive, fulfilling and meaningful? How can our organisations better mirror the values we want to see in the world? Inspired by the ground-breaking book by Frederic Laloux, join us for this practical, fun and participatory event exploring how alternative economic models can impact peace building and create systemic change.
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This event is part of our five part series 'No wealth but life: Is sharing resources the key to peace?

Explore how to strengthen your capacity for peace building with new economic models that create systemic change. 


Reinvent your organisation!

What does a flexible, harmonious and organic organisation look like? How can we create cultures that make work productive, fulfilling and meaningful? How can our organisations better mirror the values we want to see in the world? This event is inspired by the ground-breaking book by Frederic Laloux, 'Re-inventing Organisations',

Facilitators:  Amrita Bhohi and Justine Huxley 

Story-teller: George Por (Future Considerations)

George is an evolutionary mentor and strategic learning partner to future-responsive leaders in business, government and civil society, in matters of radical innovation and resilience, inter-sector collaboration, collective intelligence and wisdom, communities of practice, "wildfire learning" and capacbility development.



About the series

All around the world, business, sharing and social value are coming together in new and exciting ways that break the mould of traditional economics. Examples of this include cooperatives, the transition towns movement, and new non-hierachical ways of organising. 

Rooted in social and environmental justice, these new tools and practices foster coopeation and resilience. They are gradually changing the world!

We want to explore these models from the perspective of peace, and bring practitioners of the sharing economy together with community builders in a lively learning experience.

We will be asking:

  • What are these new tools and practices?

  • How do they impact on relationships and social cohesion?

  • How can you apply these ideas in your work?

This series of practical and participatory events will focus on five interconnected themes: participatory economics, not-for-profit/social enterprise models, re-inventing organisations, alternative finance and the co-operative and commons movement. 


What will you get from attending?


  • hear from a leading practitioner in the field

  • learn from practical success story

  • engage in a community case study, where we will try to apply our new insights to a live project or initiative from the audience

  • have the opportunity to think through how that learning can be applied in your own work

  • join in fun activities such as a needs and offers circle and games to embody systems thinking

We invite you to get involved whether you are working in the field of community building, peace-making, new economics, systems change or other! Be a part of a vibrant community of practitioners who can share experiences and support each other to shape their social action in more powerful and systemic ways to promote long term change.


Booking information

You are welcome to attend any single event, however we will give priority to those who register for the whole series of five events.
We are seeking to create a community of practice around this series, and our hope is that a core group of people will emerge who would like to join us in an immersive enquiry: building up on the themes, tools and practices explored over the four months.

Register here to sign up for all five events, or click the 'book a place now' button at the top of this page to register for this single event only.

Gift economy
We are modelling this series on the gift economy, and tickets will be on a donation basis. When you sign up, you will be asked to pay a £1 registration fee and then there will be the opportunity to gift at the event.


Other events in the series

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With Brett Scott (The Heretics Guide to Global Finance)
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Is shared ownership the answer?

Date: February 24th 2016
How are the commons and cooperative movements coming together in exciting new ways? Why is the question of owndership so important at this time? How can shared ownership over our resources and organisations build peace?
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