Narrative practitioners forum

All Day
Jan 23rd 2013
An invitation to those who use personal narrative and story in their work to share best practice, learn from each other, and help shape the work of the Forum. Hosted by the London Inter Faith Centre, in Queens Park, NW6
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Personal story and narrative are powerful tools for humanising the 'other', fostering relationships, dissolving tension and building empathy between people of different backgrounds.  They have a key role to play in building bridges of understanding within diverse communities, in conflict zones, between faith groups, and between generations.  This approach is fundamental at this point in human history because there is an urgent need for us to learn how to work together in new ways.

The Narrative Practitioners Forum is a strong and creative group of organisations and individuals emerging out of the collaborative conference held last June Stories that heal, Stories that harm.  Those currently involved include:

  • The Forgiveness Project
  • The London Inter Faith Centre
  • The International School of Storytelling
  • St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation & Peace.

This event will be an opportunity to hear about our work, and to get involved and help shape the work of the Forum. 

It will be hosted by  the London Inter Faith Centre in Queens Park, and will include presentations and a panel discussion relating to current issues and projects in narrative, small group discussions about best practice, and networking.

As there are many groups, organisations and individuals using narrative techniques in different contexts, we see a need for:

  • Sharing information and expertise developed in different contexts
  • Distilling contemporary wisdom around re-traumatisation and the dangers inherent in using personal story
  • Refining, testing and sharing principles and best practice
  • Making available the relevance and transformative value of crafting and performing story (as opposed to sharing personal story unrehearsed)
  • Making the practice of transformative story-sharing available to a wider range of fields (e.g. mental health, TV and media, palliative care, women's rights, intergenerational work etc.)
  • Creating practical frameworks for impact evaluation.

Free event (suggested donation £7).

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If you use narrative in your work, come along, we would love to meet you!