Lifelines: planting hedgerows with reverence and connection

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Aug 30th 2022 ~ May 30th 2023

Recruiting now! Are you part of a faith or community group that cares about the environment? Would you like to spend a weekend planting hedgerows on a beautiful farm? Lifelines connects faith groups from all traditions with farmers, helping to plant a network of hedgerows and wildlife corridors across the country. Apply before 30th September.

For more information contact Tarot Couzyn on 0207 496 1610 or tarot@stethelburgas.org

Lifelines connects community and faith groups with farmers, helping to plant a network of wildlife corridors across the country. 

Hedgerows are amazing. They unite and connect habitats. They provide homes and food to thousands of species of birds, mammals, and insects, and they create safe corridors for them to move through the country. They store carbon in their deep roots, improve soil quality, and reduce flood risk. They provide birdsong and blossom, and they transform our footpaths. They are a lifeline for the natural world, and for us too.

With UK biodiversity plummeting and global carbon emissions still soaring, it’s time to get our hands in the earth, and start planting!

Our train-the-trainers weekend workshop in November will teach community and faith leaders the practical skill of planting hedgerows, so that they can organise their own volunteer group, be matched with one of our participating farmers, and take part in an unforgettable weekend of planting.

Much more than a volunteering weekend, groups will have an immersive experience of nature connection, learn the principles of spiritual ecology, build relationships across differences, and come away with a deeper knowledge and love for the natural world.

Do you know a group you’d like to bring for a weekend of planting?

Or perhaps you have some land you’d like planted up with hedgerows by one of our volunteer groups?

If so, get in touch! 

We are currently signing up faith groups from all traditions who would like to participate, for planting season Nov 2022 – March 2023.

Like the project but can’t participate yourself? Become a hedge-funder:

Pledge a Hedge!

Or read more about the project and the ecological, spiritual and agricultural significance of hedgerows in Seetha Tan’s latest blog.


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All Day
Aug 30th 2022 ~ May 30th 2023