Integrating the Shadow: Essential inner work for activists and peacemakers

18:30 - 21:15
Jun 25th 2019

A lively, experiential evening for activists and peacemakers looking at how the process of reclaiming shadow projections can empower our work.

For more information contact Justine Huxley on 0207 496 1611 or
Refugee/Asylum seeker

Student, Unemployed


Inner work is essential to effective peacework and activism. The process of integrating our own shadow frees us from negative emotion and judgement and enables us to see more clearly in complex situations. It also deepens our sense of wholeness, and liberates more life force with which to empower our changemaking.  Non-oppositional activism – activism that doesn’t create a split between ‘us’ and ‘them’ – is also more likely to create lasting change. For all of these reasons, it’s important that as activists and peacemakers we have a dynamic and living relationship with our inner world and a disciplined approach to our personal transformation. This workshop will offer simple and also fun exercises to reclaim aspects of our shadow, and an exploration of how that process impacts on our social action.

Justine Huxley leads on vision, strategy, management and fundraising at St Ethelburga’s. Her raison d’etre is bringing people together and co-creating projects rooted in worldview of interdependence. She has a Ph.D in psychology and a diploma in integrative counselling.  She is the editor of Generation Y, Spirituality and Social Change, interviews with young adults about how spirituality and social change are being brought together in new ways.