Inner and outer resilience: An immersive retreat in rural Somerset

09:30 - 13:00
Oct 11th 2021 ~ Oct 14th 2021

Join us at 42 Acres in Somerset for this unique retreat. Focused on service to the earth through planting and working with the land, we'll be exploring practical tools for inner and outer resilience, and combining regenerative action with an unflinching look at some of the possible challenges coming our way.

For more information contact Justine Huxley on 0207 496 1611 or justine.huxley@stethelburgas.org

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree”  

Martin Luther King 

“Collective action is the surest antidote to solitary despair”

Ben Ehrenreich

  • Do you wonder how to respond to the enormity of climate breakdown?  
  • Do you want to move through paralysis into acts of regeneration and service? 
  • Are you hungry for real community? 
  • Do you want to know more about practical community adaptation?   
  • Are you seeking tools for inner resilience?


This is a residential gathering at the inspiring regenerative farm and well-being retreat, 42 Acres in Somerset.  It is the result of an emerging partnership between St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace and 42 Acres, in response to the global crisis.

The reteat offers practical tools for inner and outer resilience, alongside active service to the earth through planting and working with the Earth.  We’ll be combining an unflinching look at the reality of ecological and social crisis, with simple regenerative action on the land.


We will be coming together in community, taking a courageous look at the future, and getting our hands in the earth.The four day programme will include:

  • Powerful exercises to enable us to face the possibility of ecological and social collapse
  • Teaching from indigenous elders
  • Planting, gardening and working with the 42 Acres team as part of their agri-wilding work, restoring the biodiversity of the land
  • Teaching input from the leaders of local resilience projects in Frome (including food resilience, circular economies, flat-pack democracy) 
  • The St Ethelburga’s model of inner and outer resilience 
  • Learning from those living and working in countries experiencing social collapse
  • Herbal medicine workshop  
  • Resilience practices

We see inner and outer renewal as inextricably linked.  Woven through the retreat will be:  

  • Morning meditation
  • Night walks 
  • Fireside chats
  • Engaging in ‘whole-self service’, through tasks such as foraging, cooking and working in the gardens
  • Enjoying delicious food, in line with the 42 Acres food philosophy (80% of food is grown on site or sourced within 42 miles)
  • Wild swimming (for the hardy!)

42 Acres is not only a beautiful, natural location, but also an impressive resilience project in itself.  We will be learning from their dedicated team of gardeners, foragers and chefs.

The venue offers: 

    • Stylish covid-secure rooms in a beautiful old house
    • Stunning yurt group space
    • 173 acres of forest, farm and wild land.


Speakers and mentors 

Pat McCabe, or Woman Stands Shining, is a Native American elder whose work explores the meeting point between ceremony and deep social healing. Pat was born into the Dine (Navajo) nation, and has also received a spiritual training with the Lakota tradition. She travels and teaches widely on the indigenous science of Thriving Life. Her work seeks to revivify human knowledge and meaning-making, by restoring the holistic knowledge practices known to indigenous people.  “To be the disembodied intellect and observer rather than passionate participant, and harmonious co-Creator, has led to a great mis-understanding of who we are, where we are, and how it is.”


Rabiah Abdullah is a deep ecologist, herbalist, and Sufi singer. Rabiah studied western Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster and has been a qualified herbalist since 2008. After her degree, she travelled to Ghana, where her time spent with a local traditional herbalist re-ignited her love for nature, with an understanding of the symbiotic relationship between nature, humans and spirituality.  In 2010, she co-founded ‘The Rabbani Project’ a not for profit community collective dedicated to the exploration of creativity, nature and spirituality.  She also runs Green Deen, which offers retreats for Muslim women to explore and build their connection to nature.  Rabiah has performed across the world with the group ‘Pearls of Islam’.

Bruna Kadletz is Co-founder and Director of  Brazilian humanitarian organisation, Círculos de Hospitalidade (Circles of Hospitality) which develops social, cultural and educational initiatives for refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable immigrants.  Central to Hospitality Circles’ work is the regeneration of a culture of hospitality and peace in times of intolerance and xenophobia.  During the pandemic, Brazil has been in a state of social collapse, and Bruna’s work has been in the midst of this.  She is currently exploring how to channel the experience into preparing leaders around the world to face what is coming.


Peter MacFadyen has worked in areas of social justice for over 40 years, and is one of the architects behind Flatpack Democracy, a do-it-yourself guide to creating independent politics.  In 2010 this took him into local politics, co-creating a new relationship between local government and the people in Frome, which enabled Frome to take a much more forward thinking approach to climate, ecology and resilience.  Moving from politics based on fear and confrontation to listening, empathy and co-operation are central to his ethos.  Under his His work and lifestyle see humankind as a small part of the wider ecology, with recycling, reusing, organic growing, cooking, bicycling, community and family all central.

42 Acres team: 

Russell Rigler:  As the lead ornamental gardener at 42 Acres, Russell is tasked with making the gardens both beautiful, edible and useful; as well as being a haven for wildlife.  Russell draws on his existing skills in planting design to create outdoor areas that are immersive and communicate the 42 Acres food-philosophy.  Russell has previously gardened with the Royal Horticultural Society and the Newt In Somerset.  Russell will be leading the tree-planting activity built into this retreat.  

We’ll also be hearing from Tasha Stevens-Vallecillo, on foraging, and Arek Adamczak on local food resilience and agriwilding.  


Tarot CouzynTarot Couzyn is the COO of St Ethelburga’s, responsible for managing programmes, staff,  and operations.   Tarot plays a key role in developing our deep adaptation and also our programmes volunteering in refugee camps.  She thrives in challenging environments.  Her original background was in collaborative arts and included co-directing her own organisation working in the fields of LGBTQ+ rights, and communities rebuilding in the aftermath of conflict and displacement (in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and South Africa). Many of her practical skills were honed whilst building her own house!

ine Huxley is the CEO of St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, London.  St Ethelburga’s builds resilience for times of social and ecological breakdown.  Justine’s work centres on inspiring people to bridge our divisions and love the Earth, and to recognise the links between those two most urgent tasks.  She has a PhD in psychology, and is the editor of “Generation Y, Spirituality and Social Change” on how the younger generation are re-inventing spirituality for times of global crisis.  She is a follower of the Sufi tradition and has been leading meditation and dreamwork groups for many years.



The cost per person is between £350 and £550 (depending on what kind of room you want), including all accommodation, food, and activities.  

Accommodation and catering are generously sponsored by Be the Earth.   All fees go towards the production and facilitation of the retreat.

We have some free and subsidised places.  If you would like to apply for one please complete the regular booking form and in addition please email tarot@stethelburgas.org and tell us about yourself.  



To apply, click here to complete the enquiry form
Early application is encouraged.

To see the different room types and prices, click on the enquiry form and scroll down.  

Our practice is to wait until we have a number of enquiries, and then to build a group that is as diverse as possible.   You will hear back from us in early September.

Covid security 

What we will do:

  • The venue will be thoroughly and regularly cleaned 
  • We will ventilate all group spaces well
  • There will be plenty of space in the group room to socially distance
  • Masks will be optional 
  • Much of the retreat will be outside in the fresh air.

What we ask of you

  • You’ll need to have been vaccinated twice and bring proof 
  • You’ll need to take a flow test the day before, and bring the result with you
  • And you’ll need to adopt the usual covid-hygiene measures of hand washing etc

Note from St Ethelburga’s CEO:   St Ethelburga’s covid policy is influenced by my aspiration that our staff team have as much personal agency as possible in how they work during the pandemic.   There is so much that is unknown about the pandemic, the data and research findings change rapidly, and the obfuscating effect of disinformation can add to the difficulties discerning a pathway.  For all those reasons,  I have not wanted to make a blanket policy for the organisation and believe that personal choice plays an important part.  I want my staff team to feel safe when they work, and every individual has a different set of circumstances and a different experience of what feels safe in these times.  For that reason, our approach is not fixed, and varies slightly across the organisation and from event to event, depending on which team members are involved.

This is our first residential event since end of 2019.  Government guidance currently suggests that vaccination lowers the risk of passing on covid significantly.  Some of those who will be present on site have health vulnerabilities and their preference is to minimise the risk in as many ways that are currently possible.  We recognise there are serious divisions opening up around vaccination choices and have no wish to exacerbate these.  We also recognise that some individuals have vulnerabilities which make taking the vaccine unwise.   My need as CEO however, is to balance the needs and preferences of our participants, against the vulnerabilities and individual circumstances of my team.

We look forward to the time when we can welcome everyone, vaccinated or not, to in-person events again.  In the meantime, thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions please email justine@stethelburgas.org or call 07989 545 958.


Please ensure you view our Terms and Conditions and Refund Policy.

09:30 - 13:00
Oct 11th 2021 ~ Oct 14th 2021