Find your purpose: Stories of overcoming adversity to live a life of meaning

15:00 - 18:00
Apr 15th 2018

Do you long to make a difference? What can we learn from those who have successfully overcome adversity and forged a life of purpose? Come and listen to three extraordinary young adults who have chosen different paths to put spiritual values into action.  With Saif Ali, James Adams, Kara Moses and others. Scroll down for info.

For more information contact Justine Huxley on 0207 496 1611 or justine.huxley@stethelburgas.org

Do you long to make a difference?

In a world where there is so much need and so many possibilities, how do we choose the best channel for our talents?   How can we discern where to direct our efforts to achieve the most positive impact?

And what can we learn from those who have successfully overcome adversity to forge a life of purpose?

Join us for an afternoon of inspiration and enquiry (with great cake as well).

  • Listen to the stories of three extraordinary young leaders who have overcome challenges, dug deep into their own values, and chosen very different ways to put their spirituality into action
  • Share your own stories and engage in dialogue with people from a wide range of backgrounds, faiths and spiritual beliefs
  • Try out a process for engaging more deeply with your own purpose and direction, led by Saif Ali.

Saif Ali is a visionary, social entrepreneur and founder of Integr8 UK. Inspired by his 18-year journey of seeking asylum, Saif founded Integr8 UK in 2015 right after receiving his leave to remain.   During those 18 years, Saif’s journey shifted from seeking asylum to seeking purpose and that made him perceive the adversity of displacement differently – realising that some aspects of this harrowing experience could be gifts in disguise. This realisation shaped his current life mission helping refugees and asylum seekers turn adversity into authenticity and purpose.  Saif is a much-valued collaborator on our People of the Earth refugee programme.   Visit Saif’s website.

Kara Moses facilitates courses on spiritual ecology, rewilding and skills for social change. She’s passionate about the transformation of self and society to be more deeply connected and life-affirming. She teaches nature connection, activism and system change on Masters courses at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) and also at Schumacher College. Kara is an Associate Fellow of the St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation & Peace and an alumni of our Spiritual Ecology leadership programme. Her work merges with her practice of Buddhist meditation and nature-based spiritual practices inspired by indigenous wisdom traditions. Here’s her website  Rewild Everything!

James Adams has an MA in public health, and is training to be a doctor in Manchester.  But that’s just his day job.  James has a passion for helping others turn ideas and dreams into practical action.  James has set up three charities including an international pregnancy twinning scheme and  ‘Number 11’, which involves creating a community centre to provide long-term, holistic and relational support to vulnerable groups.   In his 2016 TEDx talk on ‘Kick-starting your dreams’ he emphasises the benefits of attitudes over expertise, showing the value of resilience, passion, and persistence.  James is 23 years old and a Christian.  James also features in a book we are editing at St Ethelburga’s about young leaders, faith and social change (published next year)  Visit James’ website.

Calling young leaders!  We have priced this event at a bargain rate aimed at the younger generation.  But it is open to all.  If you are over 36 years old, please do consider giving a small extra donation on the door, to help us cover our costs and subsidise events in this series which are aimed at younger people.

Refugees and asylum seekers come for free!  Any displaced person with refugee status or seeking refugee status is welcome to attend for free.