Film night: My land lives in me (online event)

18:30 - 20:30
Apr 7th 2020

A beautiful, thoughtful film and online workshop exploring the question, "How do we sustain an open heart and a positive attitude in the midst of increasing global displacement and a collapsing humanity?" An evening with humanitarian activist and writer Bruna Kadletz and award-winning film-maker Alan Gilsenan.

For more information contact Jo Winsloe Slater on jo.winsloe@stethelburgas.org
Refugee or Asylum Seeker

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Please register to receive the link to the event.


Join us for a unique filmic meditation and online participatory workshop with humanitarian activist and writer Bruna Kadletz and award-winning Irish film-maker Alan Gilsenan.

“We have normalised and accepted something utterly illogical. It is easier to move weapons than people.  It is easier to legitimise the international trade of artefacts manufactured exclusively to kill human beings, than ensure the protection of war victims. – Bruna Kadletz

Bruna Kadletz lives in Florianopolis, Brazil.  She is a ‘spiritual humanitarian’ whose work focuses on bringing awareness to global forced displacement and the spiritual dimension of humanitarian crises.  Her work has taken her to connect with displaced communities around the globe, including South Africa, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, France, the UK, Germany and Brazil. 

In this beautiful filmic meditation ‘The land lives in me‘ Bruna weaves a deeply personal journey with reflections and stories from the front lines of forced displacement that aims to humanise the narrative around refugees and migrants. The film takes the viewer from the edge of displacement in the Amazon basin to the alleys of refugee camps in Lebanon and Palestine, and to the heart of how we care for others and our quest to find home in a changing world.

We will watch the film together online and follow with a Q&A and reflective practice.

We look forward to welcoming you.

The film – running time 52mins

The title, The land lives in me, was inspired by a conversation between Bruna and a Palestinian friend who was born in exile in a refugee camp in Lebanon. Referring to his dream of returning to the land of his ancestors, he said that all peoples live in their lands, but his land lives in him. The film is directed by Alan Gilsenan and produced by Yellow Asylum Productions in association with the Tony Ryan Trust & the Global Whole Being Fund.

In her latest blog, Bruna engages with the COVID-19 pandemic from a place of care for others. Take a look.

The author

Bruna Kadletz is a writer and traveller and co-founder and Director of Círculos de hospitalidade (Hospitality Circles), a Brazil-based non-governmental organisation that develops social, cultural and educational initiatives for refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable immigrants in Florianópolis, Brazil. Central to Hospitality Circles’ work is the regeneration of a culture of hospitality and peace in times of intolerance and xenophobia.


The film maker

Alan Gilsenan is an award-winning Irish film-maker, writer and theatre director.   His many films include The Road To God Knows Where, All Souls’ Day, The Green Fields of France, Zulu 9, The Ghost of Roger Casement, Timbuktu, The Yellow Bittern, Eliza Lynch: Queen of Paraguay, A Vision:  A Life of  WB Yeats, Meetings with Ivor,  The Meeting and Unless.  He is a former Chairman of the Irish Film Institute and also served as a board member of both the Irish Film Board and RTÉ, Ireland’s public service broadcaster. He is currently on the board of Fighting Words, a creative writing centre for young people.