Soul Space: a prayer for peace and global stability

12:30 - 14:30
Jan 8th 2020

Soul Space is about keeping faith in changing times, a different approach to the traditional Eucharist.
In response to recent events around the world today in our first service of the year we pray for peace and global stability.

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Soul Space

Following recent events in Iran, today in our first service of the year we come together to pray for peace and global stability. We will ask that reflection and restraint will be chosen where violence is fueled by fear, where anger and retaliation are the ruling forces in conflict.

We will hold in our thoughts and prayers the communities of Australia who are under a barrage of disaster with bush fires consuming all in their way. We pray for the Earth now responding to the damage humankind has caused in the global environment.

Today offers an invitation from our Chaplain Rev Dave Tomlinson to us all to think about where we would like things to go from here. What does the world look like that you want to live in?

Soul Space offers time for us to come together to pray and respond to that. We gather to share a light lunch and our feelings and responses after the service.