Conflict Resilience: Communicating in Conflict

All Day
Jun 24th 2014
A full-day interactive workshop as the third instalment of our conflict resilience training, exploring how we can communicate effectively and honestly through challenging issues.
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Through the initial stages of the Conflict Resilience Programme for Faith Communities we have become aware of the need for faith communities to be skilled up in dealing with conflict, learning techniques, and being given the time to practise these skills with their peers.

We are running a number of public training events at St Ethelburga’s to meet this need.  


What will the programme involve?

There will be four events in the programme, linked but also possible to attend separately. The events are themed in focus, and are aimed at taking participants through the stages of conflict. New skills will be provided for each stage, giving a toolkit for each participant by the end of the programme.  


This programme aims to:

  • provide practical skills to improve faith community confidence in tackling difficult issues;
  • give space to try out new techniques in small groups of peers;
  • increase community resilience in conflict.


Content is formed from St Ethelburga’s experience in bringing diverse groups together, facilitating dialogue and skilling up those in need. These trainings bring together content from our Conflict Coaching programme, tools from our diverse Conflict Resilience Programme networks and the multi-faith Steering Group.


Communicating in Conflict will:

  • focus on how we can communicate effectively in conflict;
  • provide practical tools to improve our honesty and openness when facing challenging issues, including a how to have a courageous conversation and conscious dialogue;
  • give time to trial these in small groups.


Individuals- £50

Concession (student or unemployed, please bring ID on the day)- £25

Discount for all four training days- £160

The trainings will run from 10am-4pm with breaks for lunch and refreshments and will be held in the tent.

Places are limited to 15 so sign up soon.


This collaborative multi-faith programme has been developed in response to three needs we have identified:

  • for faith communities to improve their understanding of the causes of conflict within their own ranks and look at similarities and differences with other faith groups;
  • for the development of effective responses to conflict that marry contemporary tools with faith-based teachings and are fully in harmony with each community’s culture and beliefs;
  • to help change attitudes so conflict is recognised as an opportunity for individual, community, and collective growth.

This growing network has been established in collaboration with Quaker Life, QPSW, Ananda Marga, the Methodist Church, BIMA, Perivale Anglican church, and others.