Conflict Coaching (full day in person)

09:30 - 16:30
Jul 5th 2024

Join us for an in person workshop on the principles of conflict coaching. This interactive full day session will include practical tools, pair work, embodied practice, group discussion and our Conflict Coaching handbook.

For more information contact Rebecca Brierley on 07453287925 or rebecca.brierley@stethelburgas.org



“Social healing is made up of spacemoments of resonance, voices touching voices in a common space.” John Paul Lederarch

Are you currently experiencing conflict in your work or personal life? Are you supporting others who are experiencing conflict? Join us for an introduction to St Ethelburga’s conflict transformation model. In these challenging times, how can we approach conflict in a way that opens communication and bridges divides? How can we seek the opportunity hidden within conflict – to learn, grow and transform? How can we support and sustain ourselves and others through the challenges that conflict presents? 

Conflict coaching is a highly effective, practical intervention suitable for people who are currently experiencing conflict or supporting those in conflict in their professional or personal lives. Conflict coaching prevents tensions and differences from escalating and empowers individuals to understand and transform conflict effectively. This interactive full day session will include practical tools, pair work, embodied practice, group discussion, and a tour of our centre.

In this workshop we will:

  • Create a respectful container for learning and deeper enquiry
  • Guide participants through our 7 stage conflict coaching model
  • Explore the meaning and value of conflict transformation
  • Curate a space for sharing and building resilience
  • Experience the values of St Ethelburga’s, our approach to peacemaking and reconciliation, and a tour of our centre
  • Provide participants with our “Conflict Coaching” handbook

Payment for this workshop is on a sliding scale. Please identify which payment point best represents the resources that you have access to.


Rebecca leads on our community reconciliation programmes: managing the Journey of Hope faith leadership programme and facilitating our Conflict Coaching & Peacemaking workshops. With over 20 years of experience in community reconciliation, training and facilitation, Rebecca has a passion for curating spaces that encourage understanding and enable shared wisdom. She holds accreditation in restorative justice, trauma informed practice, mediative facilitation and is currently studying Spiritual Direction. She moved from California to London in 2001 to study at the London School of Theology where she received her BA in Theology & Worship. Her past employers include Oasis Trust, XLP Youth Charity, and Tearfund. She lives in South London with her husband and twin daughters.